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Splyce is a free mobile application developed by InQBarna, and designed to be a music player and also a DJ mixer at the same timel. This software is very visual and has easy controls so any kind of user will be able to make a great sound and light show. The operative of Splyce is truly easy: select your favorite music, order it, click play and then you will be able to mix. Splyce is responsible for making the mix automatically.

Splyce includes a complex music engine that enables you to improve the playlist with a BPM (Beats per Minute) calculation system. The playlist or Splycelists presents the cover of the discs, and are a system of storage that saves the playlists and the mixing parameters, to save the best musical sessions.

Splyce includes advanced dragging functions during the playback, such as the ability to organize the playlist automatically, dragging your finger to the right. If you want to delete a song, drag your finger to the left. This DJ mobile app has a fast loading system and the capability to synchronize audio and visual effects. After your session, you can share your mix through Twitter or Facebook.

Organize the Playlist
Organize the Playlist

How to use

In the main menu of Splyce, there are six icon access points to choose the Mix mode, the Duration of the song, the Mix time, the Order of the music, the Color of the skin and the Lighting. When you access a setting of Splyce you can activate or turn off the capability to shake to shuffle the playlist, drop played songs, loop; use native picker in playlists, hide iCloud items, Analyze songs when idle, visualize the beat, share, and take a free tutorial.

Includes a complex music engine that enables you to improve the playlist with a BPM (Beats per Minute) calculation system

Splyce offers 3 mix modes: All by myself, Follow the leader and I’ll follow you. In All by myself, each song remains with its beat independent to the rest of the music themes. In Follow the leader, the opening song’s BPM sets the beat for the playlist and the following songs will try to adapt their beat to it. In I’ll follow you; every song tries to adapt its beats to the next song.

You will be capable of modifying the background color of the app or connect it to LED lights. This download is compatible with Philips Hue lights system if you connect the app to the lights, and if you connect it to Splyce, they will dance with the app, changing tone and intensity depending on the musical rhythm.

Splyce 2.1 Features

Main menu with the principal buttons
Main menu with the principal buttons

The following are the main features of Splyce:

  • Splyce provides an automatic mixer and three modes to mix.
  • This download offers five transitions and eight background skin colors
  • It supports AIF, MP3, WAV, M4A, AAC, amongst others formats
  • Splyce provides light effects and synchronization with a music beat
  • It allows you to access iTunes to purchase more music, and enables you to access iCloud to download the theme or the entire playlist that you want to mix
  • It calculates the BPM of your songs and offers an automatic sort by BPM
  • It offer integration with Airplay and provides some effects to apply: filter, phaser, echo and flanger
  • Splyce allows creating and editing playlists. To locate the tune you want to perform, there are four quick access points for Playlists, Artists, Songs and Albums
  • It is available in English, Spanish and Catalan

To know more about Splyce, visit the developer’s website .

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System requirements

To install Splyce, the minimum system requirements are:

  • Operating System: iOS 6.0 or later
  • Devices: iPhone, iPod touch and iPad
  • HDD Space: 11 MB


Splyce is a powerful and fancy player and DJ mixer ideal for all users, all type of music genres and any kind of places. This free app, halfway between a music player and a mixing table, allows for getting great mixes with the simple selection of the music, the mix mode, the duration of the song, and the duration of the mix.