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The Impossible game user review for phpNuke by James Meyette

By James Meyette

On Wednesday, October 8, 2014

The impossible game is a game for the Android and iOS operating systems. The object of this game is to jump over the obstacles to the beat of the music without hitting the triangles or the edges of the blocks that you should be landing on.

This causes a great challenge that allows you to have fun for many hours playing this game, though if you don’t like the music then the game is not for you because that is really one of the queues to help you out with passing each level as you progress throughout the game.

For most this shouldn’t be an issue though as the music that the developer used is pretty catchy and its easy to get into the rhythm of it. The game has a practice mode as well as the normal play mode, though in my opinion even the practice mode has enough challenge to keep you coming back over and over again.

Overall this is a fun and challenging game that allows you to do something new on your android device(best played with wireless headphones).


  • Lots of fun to play
  • Great challenges that keep you coming back for more


  • Some users may not like the music in it
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The Impossible Game is a side-scrolling videogame developed by Flukedude and published by GripGames. This app is available for several platforms such as Xbox, PlayStation, iOS, Android and Windows Phone. The game deals with an orange square that jumps over blocks, rectangles and triangles to reach the end of the level.

Obstacles are cleverly placed to go with the music

The Impossible Game is easy to learn but hard to master, even though it only has one touch control. Mechanics are simple; you have to tap on the screen to make the square jump. If you let it go, the square will drop, which is the right thing to do in some cases. Jumps are not easy, as you have to calculate perfectly when to perform them and react fast if you need to jump again right after landing.

The game is so addictive because of its high level of difficulty. You have to complete a level in a single run to succeed, otherwise you will start again from the beginning. Nevertheless, there is a practice mode that allows you to scout the path of a level before starting the real run. You are free to set flags that serve as checkpoints whenever you want. This way you won’t have to restart the level from the beginning.

Go With the Flow

The strongest point of The Impossible Game is the amazing soundtrack that accompanies the gameplay. Each level has its own song, and obstacles are cleverly placed to go with the music. The Impossible Game offers two levels and three more via in-app purchases. Fire Aura is the original level and perhaps the easiest, as this one has nothing unusual, just obstacles to avoid. The second level is exactly the same as the first one, but obstacles are placed in a different way.

Things start to get interesting with the three “premium” levels. Heaven starts with a peaceful melody that suddenly increases its rhythm to become a vertiginous experience. The background changes, the chorus kicks in and the floor under your feet starts disintegrating right after you touch it. The level gets even harder after a while, since upcoming obstacles suddenly appear before you, giving you less reaction time. Chaoz Fantasy is a fast paced track that turns the whole game upside down in the chorus, driving you crazy. Phazd is not as spectacular as the others, but you need pinpoint accuracy to jump without crashing.

The Impossible Game 1.5.2 Features

Check out the features of this addictive app before you download it:

  • One touch control: tap the screen to jump and avoid obstacles
  • Surprising levels: play upside down or watch how the floor vanishes as you move!
  • Amazing Soundtrack: enjoy electronic music tracks like Heaven, Phazd or Chaoz Fantasy
  • Practice mode available: learn the path of each level before the real skill test
  • Earn medals as you play and share your rank with your friends

If you are interested in this title and need further information before you download it, please visit the developer’s official website.

System Requirements

The minimum system requirements to download and run this addictive app are:

  • Operating System: Android 1.6 or later/ iOS 6.0 or later
  • Hard disk: 1.9 MB of free space for Android/ 12.1 MB of free space for iOS