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For what are you going to use the program?
  • In the field of agricultural hydraulics and delimit hydrographic networks and make a storyteller of the carts and I thank vout for this software very beautiful

  • Personal study at university and complete my experience in the cartography. Because I like GIS. I use ArcGis and I need learn more i this science.

  • I'm going to use the program to do my university homework. I just need it for a few months till I've pass my algebra's exams. Thank you so much

  • I have xyz file i would like to generate contours using this surfer software and model my design and cross sections if program is capable to

  • to carry out research analysis for water quality parameters which will help to suggest remedial measures for the community in cities and rural areas..

What similar programs have you used?
  • Not used any similar program.Wsh to use processing of mineral exploration data with three coordinates like x,y,z geological data for geostatistical modelling

  • I have used ArcGIS, Google earth and Geosoft oasis Montaj. I am not really sure if they are related. I want to learn how to useSurfer software

  • Part No. 1 Learning objective : Use rock-Eval pyrolysis and time-temperature index to evaluate the : 1- Quality 2- Quantity 3- Maturation

  • I have used earlier the surfer programme and other software in generation of maps. Now need the software which was lost while rebooting my computer

  • Matlab is one of the best simulation and programming which prepares us to learn more in scientific researches as mathematics, history and informatics

What do you like most about this program?
  • this program shows a where we can download free open source software helpful to students studying geographic information systems such as maps

  • it does best maps and is good in mapping. so i am very happy to get it for my studies years . please to accept to give me this application. thank's

  • i like the creation of counter and mapping of the programme.It isalso user friendly which makes the survey engineers very easy to study the terrain.Creating contour

  • it's easy to use and very useful and help me alot in my field as i am an landscape architect and i work on land contouring every project for that

  • its very efficient and it helps me creaate and generate contours for any terrain with alot of is also compatible with various operating systems


Surfer is a flexible, powerful and easy-to-use 3D surface mapping and contouring package. It transforms your information into colorful vector maps, image, posts, wireframe, contour and surfaces. Surfer is an affordable tool that gives you the possibility of working with irregular space XYZ data. You can easily import the data and they will be transformed into publication-quality maps.

Surfer is usually used for landscape virtualization, contouring, terrain modeling, surface analysis, volumetric, gridding, 2D maps generation, and other tasks. Other interesting features are interactively measuring area and distance or automatic profiles. Surfer has facilities to perform these operations. The user can also include attributes such as labels and edit them or export them.

Several maps can be obtained quickly and in a simple way, even with the advantage of combining map types or adding base maps. You can also personalize the results and produce exactly the maps you are looking for. The customized aspects gave a lot of power to this program. There is free technical support available and a user guide.

Surfer free download mapping
Surfer free download mapping

Multiple uses of this software

Surfer is the referent contour and gridding mapping software. Geologist use it as it can help them a lot in their jobs, however, Surfer is also used by engineers and hydrologists. With this software you can use more than 10 gridding techniques, for instance, convert irregularities in spaced XYZ into a uniform grid by Kriging with variograms.

You will also have 8 customizable maps in 2D and 3D in which you can display digital elevations or grids. Within those maps you can find several types such as image, contour, shaded relief, watershed, 1-grid and 2-grid vector, etc. If you add post, base maps, and classed posts, you will enhance the display. Besides, the 3D maps and Contour maps will be very accurate and clear.

download free Surfer PC mapping software
download free Surfer PC mapping software

Surfer 4 Features

Here you can find the unique features that this PC program will provide you with once you download it:

  • Interpolation Engine to transform XYZ information into maps
  • Several Gridding methods to use
  • Control over Gridding parameters improved
  • Customizable variograms
  • ESRI grid files and USGS DEM files supported, among some others
  • Possibility of displaying your grids in several ways: 3D surface, 3D wireframe, Contour, Vector, Watershed, Post Maps and Shaded Relief
  • Possibility of combining different map types
  • Almost every aspect of your maps can be customized

If you are interested in Surfer and you want to know more about it before you the download to your PC, visit the developer's website .

Download Surfer Free Mapping Software
Download Surfer Free Mapping Software

System requirements

You can see the minimum system requirements needed to correctly download and use this program in your PC listed below:

  • Operating System: Windows XP Service Pack 2 or higher
  • RAM Memory: 512 MB RAM
  • Hard Drive Space: 500 MB free available
  • Monitor Resolution: 1024 x 768 with 16Bit color depth or higher

Surfer free download Mapping PC Software
Surfer free download Mapping PC Software


If your job is related to mapping, or simply you like it, this program is a good choice for you. Surfer will provide you with all the necessary tools to create accurate professional-like maps in a very easy way. Once you finish, you are free to share or publish your files or combine the different maps to enhance them.