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Spotify Mobile for Symbian S60 5th Ed

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  • music is available offline very good and useful spotify is the best music app even having audiobooks need to install it on my great symbian phone because


Take your music with you with the same variety and quality that you enjoy at home. Spotify goes mobile to enable you to listen to your songs on the go. Just install it on your tablet or smartphone and enjoy the most complete variety of albums and artists on the net. This Spotify version is totally adapted for any mobile device and is as intuitive as the original.

With a freeware version and a Premium service, Spotify Mobile is one of the best options thanks to its multiple features and its possibilities. Create your playlist and share your music with your friends via your social networks. Get in touch with your favourite artist and never miss a new hit. Spotify Mobile can work as an app or as a complement to your computer version.

How to use

Spotify Mobile takes your computer Spotify to your mobile device. Perfectly adapted for these new formats, it let you enjoy all your music wherever you are. To install it, just download it from Android or Apple store for free and you will start enjoying it in a few seconds. Spotify Mobile has the same options as your computer version and will automatically give you access to all your playlists and preferences.

In addition to the original, Spotify Mobile introduces the possibility to download your playlist to your device. This will save your data usage and will play your song smoothly with no signal glitches. The Premium version will remove all of the ads and will not interrupt your listening, but the free Mobile one will have some impediments. Spotify Mobile will not let us choose our favourite songs and it will shuffle our list with no option to choose or jump between them. We will need a playlist with at least 20 different songs (the same one will count as one) from at least three different albums to play it.

Spotify Mobile version is totally adapted for any mobile device and is as intuitive as the original

Spotify gets into the mobile music race with an extension of its computer product. It’s not perfect; it doesn’t give us the possibility to choose our music and still has some bugs, but Spotify is still the music license leader and as soon they fix those problems will be able to rule the market.

Spotify Mobile for Symbian S60 5th Ed Features

Check the latest features for Spotify Mobile:

  • All Spotify music on your mobile device
  • Spotify recommendations
  • Explore new playlists according to your mood
  • Share your music on social networks
  • Receive the latest news of your favourite artist
  • Personal radio on the move
  • Download music for listening offline
  • Premium service to get rid of ads

For more information, please check the developer’s website .

Receive the latest news of your favourite artist
Receive the latest news of your favourite artist

System Requirements

Before installing the software, please check that your devices fit the minimum system requirements for Spotify Mobile:

For iOS:

  • Operating system: iOS 6.0 or later
  • Hard Drive: 36.9 MB
  • Compatible with: iPad. iPod Touch and iPhone. Optimized for iPhone 5

Android requirements vary with device

  • Great songs catalogue
  • Possibility to save your songs to your device
  • Enjoy your music on the go
  • Quite expensive Premium service