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DJ, developed by Spartacus Rex, is a free deejay mobile application designed for Android devices. It is a hardcore music mixing system to merge two songs. It supports multi-touch gestures and provides intelligent controls differentiated by forms, icons and colors. Make a jump forward or backward, change the pitch or the speed of the track by percentages, count the BPM and dominate the tempo.

This application is ideal to make a strong beginner performance. The interface is very intuitive; you can change the orientation of the screen and manipulate both decks at the same time, make a zoom in on the waveform and the timeline, apply an effect, return to the beginning of the song or make a great crossfade.

The deck with colored tools
The deck with colored tools

How to use

The main window has four tabs: Visual, Mixer, Left Deck and Right Deck. It operation is simple; the interface is visual appealing, and it recognizes agile gestures on the screen. The interface, the main window and the operative are divided into two music tracks; it is not a symmetrically dividing line but rather a way of operation.

It supports multi-touch gestures and provides intelligent controls differentiated by forms, icons and colors

The Mixer tab has two faders to modify the gain of the first music track at the left, and of the second track at the right. In the same way, Visual tab is a visual mixer and shows the waveform of the two tracks, and both decks allow playing each track by modifying some parameters such as the Speed, the Pitch and Time with intuitive and tactile controls that operate by dragging.

These draggable controls also appear in the Visual tab, but they are a bit more controllable and accurate. In this tab also appears the timeline with the waveform, which allows you to scroll to the moment that you want of the song playing. Beam mixing and delicate transitions with the crossfader, which is present in the four tabs.

Visual[/italic] mixer tab"/]

DJ 7.3 Features

The main features of this download are:

  • It offers a mixer desk and two pitch-shifted decks
  • In the decks tabs are the controls for Pitch, Speed and Time. The tool to change the Pitch is in blue, to modify the Speed is yellow and to stop and move actions in red. These instruments work with percentages
  • It allows you to zoom in on the waveform
  • Its interface is visual, handy and supports many touch gestures
  • This download includes a 4/4 Marked Beat system and automatic detection of BPM (beats per minute). The BPM information of each track is in the center of the deck
  • Latest version includes a Network mode with which you will be able to link two devices to control a DJ server wirelessly. Connect stereo headphones and speakers to make a strong performance
  • It offers direct upgrades to Remove the Banner, Upgrade the Mixer, the Media Library, the AI and the Network
  • It offers some automatic functions to mixing

To get more information about this download, feel free to check the developer’s website .

System requirements

Below you can find the minimum system required to install this application:

  • Operating System: Android 2.3 or later
  • HDD Space: 4.5 MB of free space