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An interesting documentary dystopian playable computer. Is it enough to be recommended for all players?

By Pablo Conde Ferrer

On Tuesday, January 26, 2016

The game puts us in the shoes of an officer of the frontier that, in 1982, the imaginary communist republic Kolechia Arstotzka with its neighbor, with which it has maintained a confrontation 6 years. So, by that very precise and fantastic as system is "the draw works" We have had to decide who goes and who does not to win enough money to keep our flat and family.

Every day we have 12 hours and we are different characters from different countries, who have to meet standards that give you earlier in the day to cross the border, but ultimately we are the ones who decide if they can pass or not (with the detail added that if we fail, we penalize someone watching us, which is already a criticism of the stupidity of the society in which we are). At first the rules are very simple (or are not Arstotzka), but gradually becomes complicated more and more, and we ended up on our desk officer with a surprising number of papers, documents and other necessities to tell if someone may or may not enter the glorious Arstotzka. Luckily, we have a tool that helps us to find inconsistencies slightly (as if we were talking about Phoenix Wright) and thus explain why immigrant shift for which he has been denied entry.

Under the number of passports that we have reviewed (whether accepted or not), charge at the end of that day, and we assure you that what is charged is quite little, so that will have to make some lace when feed the family and keep them warm, because rent the apartment no one can forgive us.


  • The subtitle of "A documentary dystopian thriller" you feel in handy
  • The game is entirely made by a person


  • It is not a game for everyone




For what are you going to use the program?
  • to understand the meaning of the universe and why there are so many papers, please references i heard it was a good game and it looks really interesting [insert meme here]

  • I am going to use this program for playing, enjoying and having much fun. Hope this text will finish at last because I am bored of writing it

  • To download Papers please, because Jacksepticeye and Lordminion777 played it and it looks loke so much fun. Plus i get to decide who comes into the country.

  • I love watching youtubers play Papers Please and now i wanna play i have a demo but i would like the full version hopefully this is it so yay

  • for entertainment. I first saw youtubers playing papers please and I fell in love with the game. I wanted to finally play it for myself thanks

What similar programs have you used?
  • the programs that penny dreadful used to complete the character count on this download unlock for papers please because thats what jack wants

  • I have used other programs such as oceanofgames, iggames, gamejolt and many others, they have all given me the same equality of choice.its good

  • A.I am downloading it to possibly put on my youtube channel and for fun and down time in school when I would rather play games instead of doing

  • i haven't used any of the sort, why do i have to put so much work into verifying that I am not a bot to download something? this is insane!!

  • softonic and ocean of games but they both were useless so I searched after months and found this program and it looks legitamate so I reccomend

What do you like most about this program?
  • i dont know because i have only just deiced to look on this website but it looks good so far realy good but mayby put full games like sims 4

  • the pixel art is great, it's a game spawn from an unbelievable idea that turned out to be very funny and succesful. It also has a comentary about government

  • It is fun, and enjoyable, I would like to share my progress with my friends, as we compete with who can be the best at playing this program.

  • fun game and interesting for gameplay i really love the fact that i can download games directly from your site keep up the great work and thanks

  • I love how the game is set and i wanna record for my youtube channel also i was inspired to play this by my favourite idol jacksepticeye he is awesome


Papers, Please is an indie videogame developed and published by Lucas Pope and you can download it for Windows and Linux PC and Mac. When playing, you will become an immigration officer who decides whom is allowed in Arstotzka, the communist country where the title is set. The only information you will know about yourself is that you are a male border officer that lives with his wife, mother-in-law, uncle and son and that is in his job via a lottery. However, you will not know your age or even your name.

You will become an immigration officer who decides who is allowed in Arstotzka, the communist country where the title is set

With regards to the plot, you will be told that Arstotzka has just emerged from a war that lasted 6 years. This war was against the neighboring city of Kolechia, which reclaimed part of the border town, Grestin. This way, your job will be control the people who enter your country from the Kolechian side of Grestin. The vast majority will be normal people, but be careful because amongst the hundreds of people who want to enter there are spies, smugglers and even terrorists.

To avoid these intruders, you must carefully inspect all credentials, note irregularities, etc. In addition, as the days go on, the game will become more difficult since new technologies and techniques to catch intruders are introduced. Besides, the more people you process, the more money you earn for taking care of your family, so you cannot be relaxed and of course, you are not allowed to have a break.


In Papers, Please you will have two game modes you are free to play: the Story mode and the Endless mode. In the Story mode, as mentioned above, you will have to check out all the papers of the applicants. At first, it will be very easy since only Arstotzkan people can enter in the country, but as the story goes on, more procedures and more people with some special features can enter. You will rely on a rulebook in which all the features for entering the country are written, and it is automatically updated when a new features is allowed. In addition, you will be reprimanded if you make a mistake, and you can also help people.

The Endless mode is quite similar since your job is to check out papers again and again. You can play it in three different courses: Timed, Perfection and Endurance. In the first one, you will have ten minutes to check out the papers of as many people as possible to get points. Each mistake removes 30 seconds to the total time. The perfection course has no time limit, but it ends when you earn a citation. Finally, in the Endurance course you are given a certain amount of points. You can earn more points as you process people, but if you receive a citation, some points are removed. The game ends when you run out of all points.

Papers, Please 0.5.13 Features

Here you can see the main features of Papers, Please:

  • NES-like graphics that give the feeling of playing a favorite old title
  • Two different modes of playing: Story mode and Endless mode
  • Endless mode is divided into three different courses: Timed, Perfection and Endurance
  • Increasing levels of difficulty
  • 20 possible endings depending on the decisions you make

If you are interested in Papers, Please and you want more information about this PC title before you download it, feel free to visit the developer’s official website .

System Requirements

To download this title to your PC, the minimum requirements are:

  • Operating System: Windows XP or later
  • Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo @ 1.5 GHz or better
  • RAM Memory: 2 GB RAM
  • Graphics Card: OpenGL 1.4 or better
  • Screen Resolution: at least 1280 x 720
  • Hard Drive Space: 100 MB of free space