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Clean your device and keep it free from junk files.

By Reka Gimbi

On Thursday, January 7, 2016

Do you want to keep your mobile phone free from junk files and create space always. Look no further since KS Mobile have a hardy app for you. Clean Master is a hardy app that keeps your mobile clean from the files and folders you do not need. To keep your smartphone optimized, Clean Master is equipped with multiple services. It does the management and organization of files in your system and if it gets any unwanted ones it cleans keeping your system clean and fast. With the files you download it checks them for any threat and if found it does the repairing. You can also use the shortcut to clean your device periodically as well as renewing your phone. Its interface is very simple and intuitive making it easy to be used by all.

To have this hardy tool you need an Android operating system and memory RAM space according to the device you are using.


  • It is totally free to use.
  • Has a easy intuitive interface.
  • It is very fast when doing cleaning.


  • It gives very many messages while doing cleaning.
Ease to access guides and manuals:




By Shikoh Kariuki

On Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Having a Smartphone is really fun and easy to use phone. To some people smart phones carry most of your important information and will all this you have to maintain your device to avoid it from getting spoilt. You can do this by installing clean masters phone boost a product developed by Cheetah mobile. This application is freeware and so you can use it free of charge on your device. It ensures that it protects your devices from antivirus and cleans up your mobile.

This application ensures that it deletes unwanted files and has a memory boost. Investors really worked on maintaince of your phone and this being the best application to take care of my phone and it ensures that it establishes the applications that are taking too much of my space. It also enhances the performance of your phone and it increases the speed by managing the spaces available.

Android phones are the ones that mainly use this application and it has a cool of device and it can delete junk files. The antivirus feature is able to analyze real time user installed and pre-installed programs and hence determining all the malwares.

In order to secure your phone and make it stay for long you no longer need to worry no more as you can install this application in your device.


  • It is able to manage the memory in use.
  • It also improves the performance of your device and it increases the speed.
  • It has an additional antivirus that is downloaded to keep your system safe


  • It is only available for smart phones.
Ease to access guides and manuals:




What do you like most about this program?
  • Cleanmaster works quickly and is easy to understand plus it is free, however I don't remember having to go through this idiotic message business before, so please remove this step.


Every day thousands of apps are installed, uninstalled or upgraded on our mobile devices. Tablets and smartphones keep multiple trash files on HDD and full memories with useful information. Clean Master appears as the ultimate junk file enemy, with different and powerful features for that end.

KSMobile has developed a very useful app to save you time and effort cleaning your devices. Just install it on your smartphone and tablet and Clean Master will create a list with the most common unnecessary files on your device's hard drive. Customize it saving all the files you want to keep and make your widgets faster than ever.

How to use

Clean Master is a freeware application with multiple services for optimizing your mobile devices. Only for Android systems, the software will manage your files and organize it, looking for unused files that make your apps work slower that they should. Clean Master even checks your downloaded files looking for menaces.

Once you install the app on your system, Clean Master will scan your internal hard drive and floppy disk and will suggest a list of unnecessary files and folders. You could check the list and the amount of memory they are consuming. Even, Clean Master is able to close the non-used applications open and clean your memory to increase the device speed.

Clean Master will manage your files and organize it, looking for unused files that make your apps work slower

Clean Master is a nice solution for all of you with an old phone or memory problems. Just let it work and customize the things you want to save. Then using its shortcut for periodical cleanse and renew your smartphone on few simple steps. Clean Master is an easy to use app, very intuitive and as useful as you will ask yourself how you lived without it.

Cleaning method to delete junk files
Cleaning method to delete junk files

Clean Master Features

Before downloading check what Clean Master can do for you between the following features:

  • Enhanced antivirus engine
  • Cleaning method to delete junk files
  • Improves your device memory and speed
  • Multitask management
  • Better gaming experience thanks to its system management resources
  • Clean your history much more efficiently
  • App management services
  • Plan your storage and cleaning strategy with its charts and statistics

For more information about Clean Master, after downloading, feel free to check developer’s website .

System Requirements

Clean Master is an application that works over Android Operating System. Depending on the device used (smartphone or tablet) the software will vary the necessary space, RAM and Android version required. In any case, the main features will work exactly in the same way on every device.

  • Really fast
  • Detailed information about apps and advice about its storage
  • Very useful one touch cleaning icon
  • Totally free
  • Annoying cleaning messages from time to time