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  • Haven't got the slightest idea I've never played it before. But looks neat not sure if the graphics card will work right with it though. IDK


Dragon Age: Inquisition is an RPG (role playing game) title developed by Bioware and published by Electronic Arts. It is available for PlayStation 3, PS4, Xbox 360, One and PC. This release is the sequel to Dragon Age: Origins and Dragon Age II, being the third major game in the series. The new chapter of the story fuses elements of both earlier titles of the franchise, featuring larger scenarios with many more options for exploration.

The new chapter of the story fuses elements of both earlier titles of the franchise

Things have become difficult for action RPG titles since Skyrim was launched. Now is hard for developers to live up to Bethesda’s creation, as Skyrim established new standards for RPGs. However, Dragon Age: Inquisition has some elements that make it a great choice for fans of the genre. This release makes the most of the almighty Frostbite 3, the graphics engine that made Battlefield 4 possible. This time Frostbite recreates a huge world full of snowy peaks, scorching deserts and dangerous swamps.

Become a Leader

The Veil keeps people of Thadeus safe from demonic creatures from the other side. Someone has broken this barrier and opened a dimensional tear that connects both worlds. Now demons jump into the world to spread chaos across the land. This is why The Inquisition was created. You are The Inquisitor, supreme leader of the order created to ruthlessly pursue the villain who broke the veil.

You are free to command other characters and send them into challenging battles against a vast array of enemies ranging from mighty dragons to demonic forces from the other side of the Veil. You can jump into the battle along with your warriors to support them or enable tactical vision to coordinate devastating offensives using the combined power of your party members.

Unlike other titles of the same genre, Dragon Age: Inquisition puts you in the shoes of an important character. You won´t have to follow orders or complete lightweight missions for someone else. As The Inquisitor, you are the one in charge here. You have to make important decisions that will change the world, literally. Raise buildings, customize outposts and watch how landscapes change as you progress.

Dragon Age: Inquisition Full Version Features

Check out the features of Dragon Age: Inquisition before you download it:

  • Stunning graphics: Frostbite 3 graphics engine generates true-to-life environments and characters that immerse you in the Dragon Age world
  • Travel across the land and explore a huge world with loads of different locations such as deserts, forests and swamps
  • Lead a group of unique characters and build different relationships with them through actions and choices
  • You’re in charge: command other characters and coordinate them in battle to succeed
  • Customize your character: choose your race, your powers and develop skills as you progress

If you are interested in this title and need further information before you download it to your PC, feel free to check the

System Requirements

The minimum system requirements to download and run this game on your PC are:

  • Operating system: Windows XP or later
  • Processor: Core 2 Duo E6600 or AMD equivalent
  • RAM: 2 GB or higher
  • Hard disk: 12 GB of free space