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Magisto is a free, intelligent and automatic video editor developed by Magisto LLC., and designed for those users who hate editing, don’t have the time, are too lazy to edit or are beginner users. Magisto is software hosted in an online platform, and it has developed a mobile application, also named Magisto and with the same operation as the website.

Awarded by the first prize of Technonomy3, this automatic video editor has more than 19 million users and 125 million films shared on social networking sites, and it is included in YouTube community as a video editor. This app is ideal for beginners; it works in minutes and with great results.

This downloads’ name, Magisto refers to the way it works because it seems like magic. It is ideal if you have some videos of your holidays and you want to join them up, or if you have some videos of your baby, your pet or of an event and you want to make a quick edit to share it later.

Access your account or make a new movie
Access your account or make a new movie

How to use

Magisto works automatically. The process consists of three simple steps: Pick the videos you want of your mobile gallery, select the soundtrack from your library or the options offered by Magisto, add the title and press MAKE MY MOVIE button. Magisto will select the best portions of each clip; it will apply effects, transitions and filters necessary to obtain a movie with a professional appearance.

Designed for those users who hate editing, don’t have the time, are too lazy to edit or are beginner users

It offers a range of editing styles to apply; you can select what you prefer according to your mood. Its magical operation works thanks to an AI analytic system (Artificial Intelligence). The system of Magisto analyses the video, understanding it and picking the best parts, taking a facial recognition and detecting the important people of the videos, making an audio analysis and then cutting the important sequences spliced.

It orders these sequences to tell a story. You have to introduce the title of the movie and this editor will create it automatically, and will apply some animations, filters and effects. It even will apply effects to the soundtrack, such as an automatic fade in and fade out. The good and bad thing is that this program has all the control, and you won’t be able to decide the order of the effects.

Choose the soundtrack from the library of the app
Choose the soundtrack from the library of the app

Magisto 3.1.1 Features

These are some of the features of this program:

  • It is available in English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, German, Korean, Italian and Japanese
  • The application controls the whole the process. It applies an order to all the sequences, and applies the music and transitions
  • It has built-in an AI (Artificial Intelligence) technology based in algorithms that make visual and audio analysis
  • It hosts the movie in the space of the application. Access to your edited films can be made from any device via your web account.
  • This download offers a free music library of commercial music with Magistro’s royalties
  • Results with a professional appearance
  • It applies automatics effects: transitions, filters, animations, video stabilization, etc.
  • You also can add pictures
  • It offers an option to shoot and make a movie directly through the app
  • Share the final movie on Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube or via email.

To get more information about this download, check the developer’s website .

Shoot and make a movie
Shoot and make a movie

System requirements

The minimum system requirements for a proper installation are the following:

  • Operating System: iOS 6 or later and Android
  • HDD Space: 21 MB of free space

  • It controll all the process
  • It is very easy to use
  • It has advanced algorithms to analyze clips
  • The user can't control the filters or effects