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For what are you going to use the program?
  • Good Day I am very excited to try photoshop portraitplus, as I only recently heard about it. I will be using it for my hobby photography. thank you

  • A Good Day i am very excited to try photoshop portrait plus,as i only recently heard about it.i will be using it for my hobby photography. thank you

  • home uses, to clean my pictures and several family photos.i beleve tha this program will kindly helps me to change apearance of my photographs

  • I want to use this programe for photos filters and edit more beautiful. Also try for photoshop editing as a plugin and filter to sharp the p

  • hello my name is hamza and i will be using this program for softening the images which i have .thanks alot in advance for helping ,hope it wor

What similar programs have you used?
  • adobe photoshop7 cs3 cs5 cs6 cs11 cs12 net image pro plus all in newly use in my studio right noe i want try this softwere i frist see how to use

  • lightroom catalog photoshoot for the computer and other photoshop sites. lighthouse has been my favorite one so far. Have not tried many others.

What do you like most about this program?
  • it is very useful to portraitplus because i am working on photoshop into my shop and also getting for more effects from u thanking you yours f


In a technological world where photography is completely accessible by the general public and millions of photos are shared on different social networks every minute, picture restoration software is gaining more and more interest from users. ArcSoft Portrait Plus and its various tools can help you fix those skin imperfections that can ruin a photo.

Portrait Plus is the ArcSoft solution tool to get the most from your pictures. With an intuitive interface and its powerful tools, you can get rid of those skin marks and adjust the skin tone without going too far. ArcSoft Portrait Plus is one of the best portrait restoration software with multiple tools for professionals.

How to use

Don’t get nervous! ArcSoft software has created a really nice photo editor, but it is so simple that previous restoration skills are not needed. With the right amount of tools and 20 pre-set adjustments to start with, fixing your photos were never that easy. Just launch the software and follow the simple steps.

Portrait+ is one of the most innovative portrait retouchers on the market

Portrait+ functionality is almost perfect. Ideal for professional photographers, the software is able to manage multiple pictures at once, and it auto-detects every face in them, preparing quite precise facial mapping. Once your pictures are prepared, just start applying the effects and export them in a batch.

ArcSoft Portrait Plus is recommended for all users who are looking for easy photo restoration software with professional results, but doesn’t want to lose time learning new programs. With multiple tools and pre-sets you will be able to enhance your pictures with well-placed makeup, skin imperfection removal or just giving a new brightness to a portrait.

Control every tool to enhance your work
Control every tool to enhance your work

Portraitplus Features

Check the newest features on Portrait+ latest version:

  • One of the most innovative portrait retouchers
  • Extra efficient batch processing
  • Auto-detects facial forms and features
  • You don't need previous photo editing experience
  • Optimized pre-sets with natural effects included
  • Control every tool to enhance your work
  • Focus on one face and work on it whilst ignoring the rest
  • Can be used as Photoshop plug-in

For more information about Arcsoft Portrait Plus, before downloading, feel free to check the developer’s website .

Auto-detects facial forms and features
Auto-detects facial forms and features

System requirements

This is a free trial version. Before downloading, please check the minimum system requirements to know if your computer can manage the software:

  • Operating System: Windows XP with SP2 and/or SP3 installed
  • Processor: Pentium IV 3.0 GHz or AMD Athlon equivalent
  • RAM: a minimum of 1GB DDR2 Ram is required
  • Hard Drive: at least 100 MB free HDD space
  • Graphic Card: 1366x768 display with 32-bit

ArcSoft Portrait Plus has a Mac version too.

For more information about the software and its compatibility, feel free to check the official Technical Requirements here .

  • Great and simple workflow
  • Great batch processing capability
  • Really handy and easy-to-use
  • Is not possible to add multiple effects at once