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For what are you going to use the program?
  • I am going to use this for a game to play why else would i download it otherwise it would not be on here jeff the killer revenge death monkey


Jeff the Killer REVENGE is a free scary mobile game developed and published by Fun Games and Apps. The game is based on Jeff the Killer, a character from the creepypastas, which are horror stories created on the Internet. Some of the are really creepy and Jeff the Killer is one of the scariest ones. It is about Jeff - a boy who, after saving his brother is attacked by three boys. These boys manage to disfigure Jeff's face, turning it into a white surface with a red mouth. Then, he goes crazy and cuts his eyelids and his mouth, creating a terrifying smile.

The game is based on Jeff the Killer, a character from the creepypastas

The graphics of this app are nothing special. Everything has a red tone and all hallways are quite similar. The outstanding feature is the sound effects. Noises, music and sudden screams will make you get goose bumps and jump in your seat. As you play, noises increase and sudden sounds appear more often.

You must find ten keys to escape
You must find ten keys to escape

Don’t you dare to feel safe in Jeff’s territory

The gameplay of Jeff the Killer REVENGE is simple; your main objective is to escape from the maze you are trapped in. For this purpose, you must collect a certain number of keys and find the door out. Keys are big, and they are not exactly hidden, so finding them is not a problem. The problem comes when you have to walk the hallways alone with the only company of strange noises.

Once you download it, you will see that the controls of this app are simple. You have two joysticks on-screen. The left one serves to move you in the maze, and the right one controls the camera. It is used to move your "head" and look around you. To collect the keys you only have to tap on them, and they are automatically added to your key collection.

Dark hallways are waiting for you
Dark hallways are waiting for you

Jeff the Killer REVENGE 6 Features

Here you can see the main features of Jeff the Killer REVENGE:

  • 10 keys to collect and escape from the scary presence of Jeff
  • Smooth controls to make the experience easier
  • Huge map full of dark and scary hallways in which it's easy to get lost
  • Sudden scares to make you jump
  • A red tone on everything to make the adventure creepier

Please, visit this website if you are interested in Jeff the Killer REVENGE and you want to know more information about the app before you download it for free to your Android device.

System Requirements

To download and play this game to your Android device, please check the minimum system requirements listed below:

  • Operating System: Android 2.0.1 Eclair or later
  • Free Space: 42 MB available