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Mailbox is a free inbox management application that allows the organizing and scheduling of incoming emails, in order to maintain your inbox count close to zero. Its main aim is to keep it free and uncluttered without needing to delete anything. With it, you can quickly swipe any message to archive or trash, scanning conversations following a chat-like organization or snoozing emails for the time you need with a simple tap. Mailbox makes the most of cloud services, to deliver your messages to your mobile as fast as possible. Similarly, you can enable push notifications for incoming emails too.

It allows the organizing and scheduling incoming emails, in order to maintain your inbox count close to zero

This app supports up to 10 Gmail, Dropbox, iCloud and Google Apps accounts. However, some users want wider client support and have criticized Mailbox for the lack of basic functionalities like the ability to save drafts, add pictures to your contacts and the absence of task management tools, to avoid needing to use more third-party software.

Getting started

Getting started in Mailbox is not complicated at all. Once you are done with the download and setup process, you will be able not only to receive and send messages and attach content to them, but also organize and schedule them. You can also create lists and folders for messages and star those which are especially important.

However, one of the greatest features of Mailbox is its snoozing tool. It makes it possible to put messages off and make them automatically return on the time you decide on: later today, tomorrow, this weekend, next week, in a month…etc. Simply drag the message to the left and choose any of the options given or pick your own date. Dragging right indicates that you are done with that message. You can even put off all your inbox emails at a time. Do not worry, they are not erased, but placed in a folder that can be named “Read it Later”. This way, you will be able to focus on things in the moment they are important, neither before nor after. When you inbox is at zero and holding just the stuff you need to address at that moment, your day to day performance will be smarter and faster.

Mailbox 1.7.2 Features

The unique features of Mailbox are:

  • Ability to swipe emails to archive, folders or trash with a simple tap
  • Scan conversations by using a chat thread-like structure
  • Cloud synchronization
  • Ability to enable push notifications for messages
  • Ability to snooze messages with a wide variety of possibilities, including Later Today, Tomorrow, This Evening, This Weekend or Next Week, amongst others
  • Growing account support: It currently supports over 10 Gmail, iCloud and Google Apps accounts

If you want to read more information about Mailbox before you download it, feel free to visit the developer’s site.

System Requirements

The minimum system requirements to correctly download and install Mailbox are listed below:

  • iOS 7.0 or later
  • Compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch


Mailbox 1.7.2 a great planner that allows for specification and mail timing.

By Kim Kiruma

On Friday, June 12, 2015

At last there has come a must have application for every one especially personal assistants, secretaries and regular mailers. Mailbox 1.7.2 is a revolutionary free mal organizer application. That is free hence readily available. It has the simplest of setup with a setup wizard to get you through the setting up.

Once successfully installed it allows one to manage his mails. It has a very unique structure that allows one to move mails from one folder with just a simple swapping. Interestingly it has a snoozing tab that allows you to schedule for the mails to the specific time you need to access them. It has a unique Push notification especially for cloud users that allows an incoming mail to be redirected to your mobile device.

The only catch point is that it has not fully established the ability to save drafts, add pictures to your contacts and the absence of task management tools, so one has to use more of a third-party software


  • Free download available setup and wizard
  • East to setup and clear graphics
  • Has basic functionalities and addons for the snoozing and push forward.


  • Lacks the ability to add attachments and pictures to contacts
Ease to access guides and manuals:



Welcome to a smart, new and organized inbox with Mailbox 1.7.2

By Gfx Sine

On Thursday, April 9, 2015

Mailbox 1.7.2 is an inbox management application, that helps reduce the clutter in the inbox, by allowing users to manage incoming emails through intuitive gestures. Users can quickly swipe an email to send it to trash or archive it. Users can also schedule emails to a particular time that is convenient for them. The ability to put off emails till a later time allows users to manage and prioritize email messages like tasks on a to-do list, based on their importance.

The application has been designed to be fast and simple. Most importantly, it keeps the inbox clean by reducing the clutter from unimportant incoming messages. Its support for Gmail, Dropbox, iCloud, and other services has meant that users can manage incoming messages from different platforms right from their Mailbox app. This means that users can manage multiple accounts on different platforms with a single app dedicated to helping them keep organized.

In closing, Mailbox 1.7.2 is a productive application for people checking their inboxes on the go and those that receive large email traffic to their inbox.


  • Single inbox to manage emails from different platforms
  • Option to schedule messages on the calendar
  • Push notifications for instantly alerting about new messages


  • Integration for limited number of accounts and services
  • Cannot create tasks or a to-do list apart from the emails in the inbox
Ease to access guides and manuals: