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Flappy bird v1.3 review by Alex David Osano (free app)

By Alex David Osano

On Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Flappy bird is a very simple game with a very simple mechanics. Just tap and don't let the bird bump to the pipes or let it fall to the ground but still, large amount of people are addicted to this game. I'm also one of the people that are addicted to this game. I play this game everyday, it takes a lot of my time because it is so addictive. Me and my friend compete by having the highest score. My personal high score is 262 but my friend beat me by two points, his score is 264. This game is so popular to people, almost all of the people know this game that's because the game is so fun and addictive, so time consuming, and you will enjoy this so this game should be downloaded and played. Play this game like me and my friend or just play it by yourself whatever you do this game is still fun.


  • Flappy bird is very fun to play
  • The game is simple but addictive
  • Flappy bird is free to download
  • Easy to play and time consuming


  • The graphics is not good
  • It almost take all of your time
  • Other people rage because of this game
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Flappy Bird is an endless runner videogame developed by Dong Nguyen. It is available for both Android and iOS devices. The main objective of this title is to guide a pixel bird through randomly placed pipes without crashing in order to reach the highest score possible. This may sound easy, but Flappy Bird is known for its high level of difficulty.

Flappy Bird is a huge success with over three million downloads per day. It was created in only three days by Dong Nguyen, a 29 year old boy from Vietnam. The title is so popular that loads of developers are following its style to create suspiciously similar titles such as Ironpants (featuring a super hero instead of the bird), Fly Birdie (they didn’t even care about replacing the bird), Flappy Plane or Flappy Bee.

How to Play

Flappy Bird is perhaps one of the simplest videogames for mobile ever created, and the objective is quite simple too. You have to stay alive and travel as far as you can. The strongest point of the title (and the main reason because it is so addictive) is its high difficulty. The game has one touch control; you have to tap on the screen to make the bird flap its wings and describe a curve in the air.

The main objective is to guide a pixel bird through randomly placed pipes without crashing

There are green pipes emerging from the ground and the top of the screen every few meters, and there is only a small gap to get through them without crashing. You have to calculate the speed and the path of the bird and tap the screen right on time. If you tap too soon after your last tap, the bird will hit the top pipe, but if you let it go for too long, you will collide with the lower pipe. When you crash, it’s game over and you have to restart your flight; there are no second chances.

This app has no customization options or additional features, but the bird randomly changes its color every time you start a new run, and the sunny background becomes night. The game rewards you with medals depending on your performance. The more points you score, the better rank you obtain. There are four medals: bronze, silver, gold (Hard) and platinum (Very Hard).

Silver medal is hard to achieve!
Silver medal is hard to achieve!

Flappy Bird 1.3 Features

Check out the features of Flappy Bird before you download it:

  • Stay alive and cover the longest distance possible without crashing
  • One touch control: tap on the screen to flap your wings right before colliding
  • Share your records and compete against friends
  • The bird randomly changes its colors every time you start a new run
  • Different medals available depending on your performance

If you are interested in Flappy Bird and need further information before you download the app, feel free to check the developer’s official website.

System Requirements

The minimum system requirements to run this app are:

  • Operating System: Android 2.2 or later/ iOS 4.3 or later
  • Hard disk: 2.30 MB of free space for Android/ 2.24 MB of free space for iOS