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Kingdom Rush Frontiers 1.6




Best Tower Defense. Best Mobile Tower Defense

By Pablo Conde Ferrer

On Friday, February 26, 2016

Kingdom Rush Frontiers replicate this formula but adds enhancements enemies, new scenarios, more heroes, different tower upgrades and above all a new story. The latter is one of the strengths of this TD, compared with competitors who always seems to give little importance to the plot or continuity of the different scenarios.

In Frontiers we face pirates, mummies, aliens, sand worms, spiders, tribal warriors, dragons, lizards and some pretty complicated bosses in scenarios full of color and detail where we find not only intense battles but mysteries, allies and some surprises.

Fifteen are screens that we should sail to end the game where the variety of enemies and difficulty will increase to rethink our strategy and raise tens of times. The hundreds of combinations of towers and better management of our units allow us to achieve victory or succumb to a powerful wave.

Perhaps the most fun tower defense behind it are the references to movies, series and other games that flood levels, these get you know a good laugh at the wrong time.

Frontiers has nine heroes in total which are very different and that role under a veil of rising levels and improve with experience in battle. Among them we have three free after buying the game and pay the rest.

These are Alric, a classic warrior mummies can call for help in battle, Mirage, a challenging high speed and heroin ranged attack, and finally, Cronan, a tank accompanied by jungle animals will stop appearing on your terms path.

The rest of the heroes have a cost ranging from 3 to $ 7 among which is the pirate Captain Blackthorne, the witch Dierdre, and an angry dragon nicknamed Ashbite.

Frontiers proposes, like the original game, additional challenges to challenge your attitudes as a strategist. In addition to the campaign, which can be played in Casual mode, Normal and Veteran, we can repeat the maps super facing waves of enemies or restrictions which towers can use.


  • Lots of fun and action in combat
  • Scenarios plagued by enemies and superbly defined difficulty curve.


  • It is rather an extension of the original game
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have some very good weapons like bows and arrows to fight your enemies

By Pascal Martins

On Thursday, November 19, 2015

This game is some fighter game but a very exciting one for that matter all I can that it does introduces some different complete concept from its predecessor and it includes some new and additional features.There is a kingdom in this game that heroes and they are like nine of them and the user should choose at least one hero whom he uses to fight the enemies of the kingdom.The hero can have some bow and arrow to aim directly to the enemies and kill them and proceed to the next level.There are new environments in the game that I could play my games and that was either in the under places which was the underground and enemies were found there or the jungles which had a lot of bushes.


The game play and mission to accomplish is great

The hero has some bow and arrow to fight the enemies

The enemies are around 40 in number

The graphics are good


I loved creeping and killing the enemies


  • i loved to creep and kill the enemies
  • i loved the weapons in the game


  • seriously i did not love the graphics of the game at all
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Get your towers done, quickly! Hordes of enemies are approaching

By Ellie Teller

On Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Kingdom Rush Frontier is a tower defense videogame for mobile devices that follow many other titles of the same kind, but includes several gameplay mechanics that make it quite different and interesting. First off, there are almost always two or more paths that enemies can follow, so you’d better distribute your towers in a way that no path is undefended, since towers have different range. You have to think about the kind of enemies that you will be fighting and build specific towers to beat them. For instance, if a horde of runners approaches, you should consider building an ice tower to slow them down before they rush you. It is also a good idea to build barracks in paths that can be used twice. Barracks produce soldiers that wall enemies until they die, so if you build a barrack in a good spot you can send the soldiers to another segment of the path to defend when needed.


  • Lots of units and strategies possible
  • The variety of enemies makes it challenging


  • It gets really really hard sometimes
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For what are you going to use the program?
  • I am going to use it to play kingdom rush frontiers on my laptop and as a passing the time kind of game.also so i can experience the thrill of survival.

  • for entertainment purposes and to enjoy playing some good old kingdom rush frontiers because ever since it came out ive been having so much fun i want to play with out internet

  • Play games, reading the tacticles inside every single tower in each stage. Also, Graphical designs in this game are also stunning and being a

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What do you like most about this program?
  • am going to use it to play kingdom rush frontiers on my laptop and as a passing the time kind of game.also so i can experience the thrill of survival.

  • the game is so much funny and entertained. It does not require much of mental or physical effort, but still challenge enough to excite players

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  • fun, enjoyable. one returns to playing even after a long time, new content added continuosly, game is further developed providing additional content


Kingdom Rush Frontiers is a strategy TD (tower defense) videogame developed by Ironhide Studio. It is available for both Android and iOS devices. It is the sequel to the original Kingdom Rush and retains many elements from the first title, as it uses the same type of TD gameplay mechanics, presentation and art style. However, Kingdom Rush Frontier adds enough new content to justify a new release.

This title offers new content such as additional upgrades for towers and new heroes

This title includes the same four basic towers from the original title: Barracks that generate foot soldiers to block ground enemies, Archers that house ranged units, Wizards that have mages that cast powerful spells and Artillery, which fires explosives dealing AoE (Area of Effect) damage. You will have to upgrade these structures a few times to see the new structures added to Kingdom Rush Frontiers.

Heroes follow the same mechanics as in the original Kingdom Rush. You get a few characters for free, but the rest of them (and the cooler ones, I must say) will remain locked, only available through In-App Purchases. However, you don’t really need premium heroes to complete the campaign mode. Unlike in the original game, these new heroes have persistent stats that you can upgrade over time, similar to the skill tree seen in the first Kingdom Rush.

New Contents

Kingdom Rush Frontiers does have many things in common with its predecessor, but there is new content that makes it worth playing, such as new upgrades for existing buildings and new heroes. For instance, Barracks can be upgraded to the Assassin’s Guild, which produces invisible assassins that ambush the enemy. Alternatively, you can upgrade those to Knights Templar to produce high-defense foot soldiers. Archers can be upgraded to the Crossbow Fort to produce snipers or the Windwalkers Totem, which contains tribesmen that throw axes.

There are new heroes to support you through your battles such as Alric the Warrior, an experienced fighter that strikes the enemy with lightning speed as he calls warrior spirits to aid him, Mirage the Assassin, who wields twin daggers and uses unorthodox but deadly tactics to protect Hammerhold, and Cronan the Beastmaster, a son of the wild who has fought in every known land.

Kingdom Rush Frontiers 1.6 Features

Check out the features of this strategy game before you download it:

  • Enjoy new lands: fortify the frontier in jungles, deserts and even the underworld
  • Over 40 enemies with different abilities such as tribal shamans, nomad tribes or desert sandworms
  • Nine powerful heroes: choose your champions and upgrade their abilities
  • Eight new tower upgrades: create the best strategy using the power of templars, necromancers or earthquake machines
  • There are different game modes available: Classic, Iron and Heroic

If you are interested in Kingdom Rush Frontiers and need further information before you download it, feel free to check the developer’s official website.

System Requirements

The minimum system requirements to download and run this title are:

  • Operating system: Android 4.0 or later/ iOS 4.3 or later
  • Hard disk: 254 MB of free space for Android/ 378 MB for iOS