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Clumsy Ninja 1.4.0

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Can you prove you are not a clumsy ninja by playing this game with all your friends

By Frank Kanyua

On Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Clumsy ninja is an adventure based android app which technically bring the art of being a ninja into your finger tips if i may say so. The game however wont make you fight with Ninja stars or go into very dangerous mission, i don't know why but i think it was designed for every age. You basic missions are to play hide and seek, maybe dress up and tings like that. For every mission you complete you will get awarded with stars which will in the long run unlock more levels.

You will also go on tours to compete on other games . Don't mistake the character to be soft because the game is called clumsy ninja, because the character is at times more tough than he looks. The hide and seek will require you to use some brain powers in order to find what you are looking for. Even when you dress up the character wrongly the game can end in a snap.

You will have to start from the lowest level possible just like a real ninja and try to climb your way to the top. The tasks ahead are hard and what you think is , isn't so be careful. The game is also not very large so downloading it wont be that hard of a task.

Its release is only for android phones and not other phones but maybe in future other mobile platforms will be supported. The game also has a very captivating background sound effect which will put you in a lively mood to play the game non stop.


After playing this game for sometime i came up with the conclusion that it can be very addictive ,especially if you really want to finish the game. You will keep playing till you loose track of time.


  • You cant foretell what will happen next
  • the captivating sound is a plus


  • Only supported on android only
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Clumsy Ninja is a virtual pet videogame developed by NaturalMotion Games, exclusive for iOS devices. This title follows other popular tamagotchi-style apps such as My Talking Tom, and it has reached the highest ranking in the top app lists for iOS, becoming even more popular than games like Pou or Candy Crush Saga. If you think that taking care of a digital cat is great, wait to see your new ninja friend!

The ninja is more than just a pet that needs to be fed and reacts to certain actions; he has a past and a storyline that you have to guide him through. Your ninja will respond to his surroundings with physical movements that make him seem like a living cartoon. You are free to train your ninja to make him learn new moves and reactions. Every move you learn brings your ninja closer to find his missing friend Kira.

The Way of the Ninja

Clumsy Ninja offers a unique experience compared to other virtual pets, as there is less emphasis placed on keeping your ninja happy by satisfying his needs, and more on interacting with him to improve his moves and skills. For instance, you can hold up different punching bags and move those around your Ninja as he learns to punch and kick without falling over. You have also access to loads of training objects that will earn you different karate belts as you rank up. Each object gives you a power-up and a new move for the ninja. Objects range from toys such as balloons that can be tied to the ninja to training tools such as a trampoline or a hoop.

The ninja is more than just a pet that needs to be fed and reacts to certain actions

Clumsy Ninja follows the rules of most free-to-play apps. You can obtain every single item early by using Gems, a premium currency that is hard to get in-game. You can use real money to purchase Gems, or be patient and collect coins to do the same, even though you have to work harder to purchase items using coins than simply spending gems. Nevertheless, I strongly recommend you to be patient, train hard with your ninja, collect daily bonuses and keep up with the quests to get new belts, moves and what is more important, coins!

Clumsy Ninja 1.4.0 Features

Check out the features of Clumsy Ninja before you download it:

  • Enjoy playing with your ninja and discover how he responds to your actions and its surroundings
  • Meet new characters, explore new places and play unique minigames
  • Train your ninja, learn new tricks and earn karate belts to show your rank
  • Use interactive training tools such as trampolines, punching bags or even a chicken
  • Customize your ninja’s clothing, belt and ninja sash to fit in with your style

If you are interested in Clumsy Ninja and need further information before you download it, feel free to check the developer’s official website.

System Requirements

The minimum system requirements to download and run this game are:

  • Operating system: iOS 5.0 or later
  • Hard disk: 96.3 MB of free space