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TripTrap is a mobile puzzle game developed and published by Duello Iletisim Hizmetleri A.S. Once you download it, you will become Ched (Cheddar), a little mouse who is starving for a piece of cheese. He will be in a maze full of obstacles such as spikes or even cats, and his aim (as a good mouse) is to collect three little snatches of cheese.

You will become Ched (Cheddar), a little mouse who is starving for a piece of cheese

It seems quite simple but don't fool yourself; your little mouse cannot stand still and he will move forward without caring about the dangerous things he could run over. Averting the defeat of Ched will be your sole job. Your objective is to control him as much as you can simply by jumping or, in the higher levels, by running faster. The first levels are easy and serve as a tutorial to get used to controls and mechanics, then, things become more difficult for you.

Regarding TripTrap’s graphics and soundtrack, I can only say how adorable Ched is and what a high resolution the game has. You will be able to see his lovely little face expressing fear when in trouble and happiness when he reaches the door of his home. The soundtrack is not marvelous, but it´s entertaining enough to be a good company for the animations whilst Ched endlessly runs through the screen.

Don’t let your little mouse suffer any harm

As mentioned above, Ched runs without stopping, and the only thing you can do is to jump or run faster in order to avoid all barriers and obstacles in the TripTrap maze. Don't worry, if Ched reaches the end of the shelf he will not fall, he simply keeps moving without falling, after all, he is a mouse. When you press the "Jump" button, which is represented by a paw print, Ched will jump from one shelf to another.

When you complete some levels, another button will appear on your screen. It is used to run faster, and it is useful for dodging moving obstacles. Remember, your main task is to collect the three pieces of cheese that are scattered around the level, but take into account that it is not completely necessary to collect all the pieces in order to complete the level. You can do it without any cheese, just by reaching your mouse house, but a certain amount of pieces are needed to unlock the subsequent levels.

By default, you will have additional support to accomplish your task; four helmets that provide temporary invincibility to your little friend. However, if you run out of helmets and you want more, you can purchase them with real money within TripTrap. Nevertheless, I can assure you that helmets are not necessary to complete TripTrap; they are just an extra support feature.

TripTrap 1.1.1 Features

Take a peek of the amazing features of TripTrap:

  • TripTrap has 80 levels to play, divided into four rooms with 20 maze levels to each one
  • Two modes of playing: Puzzle mode in which you have a limited amount of jumps and Casual mode, in which you are free to jump as many times as you want
  • Easy gameplay based on two kinds of touch-based movements
  • Several types of menaces you have to try and avoid
  • High quality graphics that will make you adore Ched
  • Entertaining soundtrack

Please, feel free to visit the developer’s official website if you are interested in TripTrap and you want to know more about this puzzle game before you download it to your device.

System Requirements

Here you can see the necessary system requirements if you want to download and play TripTrap on your iOS device:

  • Operating System: iOS or later
  • Free Space: 58.4 MB available