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Simple is a mobile banking app that will help you to keep organized and control your funds in a non-traditional way. Its saving and budget tools will enable you to spend smarter. Its Safe-to-Spend and Goals modules will help you to make better and more intelligent financial decisions. Safe-to-Spend subtracts pending transactions, upcoming bill payments and saving goals from your available balance, in order to tell you how much you can spend. Goals gives you two options: “Save over time” and “Save it now”.

Its save and budget tools will enable you to spend smarter

Simple also includes tools to automatically categorize and analyze your spending, for you to have a clear insight of where your money goes; with plenty of details like location, time, type of merchant, etc. In addition, you can jot down a phone number, rate the purchase or snap a picture of every transaction. One of the most appreciated features from Simple is its reliable customer service. The Help staff can answer your queries through -almost instant- phone calls, emails or tweets. However, some users have criticized the fact that this in an invite-only app, something that restricts access to many people. After requesting to sign up, users will have to wait until they are given an account.

How to use this utility

Once you have gone through the download and installation process and got an account, you will get a Simple VISA card free from fees. With it, you will be able to withdraw cash from ATMs and make purchases like you do with ordinary bank debit cards. Simple will notify you with every transaction and change made in your account. You will receive alerts even if you have funds available. You can also make transfers or pay bills, for instance.

Simple knows people are concerned about their data privacy. That is why this banking utility consciously requires strong passwords as well as an extra PIN for blocking access to unauthorized users. This turns to be especially useful when your mobile gets stolen or lost. Similarly, Simple insures your money with the FDIC limit ($250,000 at the moment) and never sells or shares your personal information.

Simple 1.7.0 Features

The unique features of Simple are:

  • Automatic synchronization of transactions with notifications
  • Ability to attach images, comments or receipts to transactions
  • Sends payments, adds payees and schedules one-time and recurring bill payments
  • Goals module allows keeping track of the money being saved
  • Allpoint network to find nearby free from fees ATMs (55,000 available)
  • Built-in browser that supports hashtags
  • Photo Check Deposit
  • “Save over time” and “Save it now” options
  • Memos to monitor and organize spending
  • Ability to block and unblock your credit card directly from the app
  • Visualize every transaction’s details: spending category, receipts, map location, etc.
  • Instantly know how much you can spend thanks to Safe-to-Spend

If you want to read more information about this mobile banking utility before you download it, feel free to visit the developer’s site.

System Requirements

The minimum system requirements to correctly download and install Simple are listed below:

  • Android 2.3 Gingerbread
  • iOS 5.0 or later
  • Compatible with iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch


Organize and control your funds in a modern way using simple

By Irene Mugambi

On Thursday, January 7, 2016

Organizing and controlling funds is all that Simple does. Simple is a mobile banking app that helps in your money organization, meaning it helps it smart spending. It also helps in making smart financial decisions thanks to its safe-to-spend and Goals modules. To use Simple you need to download and install it then open an account where you will also be given a Simple VISA Card which is absolutely free of charge. This is the card you will use to withdraw with money from ATM's and also use it to make purchases. Its a reliable tool since it notifies you of transactions and any change in your account as well as notifying you when funds are in your account. To keep total security you need a strong password of Simple and an extra PIN to block unauthorized personnel in case your mobile gets lost or in case someone else tries to use it without permission. It has tools to give you a detailed information on how your money was spent and includes time it was spent and the location and many more details.

This app is highly recommendable for all in funds control and organization since it helps in smart saving enabled by its budget and saving tools.


  • It has a good reliable customer service.
  • You can block and unblock your card from the app direct.
  • Its VISA card is free with no fee included.


  • It is a invite only app.
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Finally you have the banking power in the palms of mobile device

By Kim Kiruma

On Monday, November 2, 2015

Mobile application developers have for the longest time concentrated on developing games and social networking application. One very brilliant developer has come up with a very sensible application that is simply a must have. Simple 1.7.0 is a mobile banking application that has a lot to offer for the user. The download and setup is made very easy and on a step to step basis. Simple works in a very unique way and has the ability to monitor and fast track all your spending. The application gives one a free Visa card that can be used to withdraw cash at a any Via enables ATM at any time.

Simple has a synchronized platform and all your transactions are automatically sent to you inform of notifications. This application also has to major goals to assist the user to make savings either now or on a later date. This application also can be useful to make payments on recurring bill as it can schedule for this kind of payouts.

This application also has embarked on making sure that security is enhanced. It has the ability to block and unblock the users credit card. There is also a PIN management platform to ensure all your details are safe.


  • The application has memos and statements that enable one to make informed decisions
  • The application allows one to save and backup recipts in picture format.
  • The application is easy to download and setup


  • The application is only useable on visa enabled ATMs
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save your money wisely by having simple bugdgeting tools from simple 1.7.0

By Martin Maguna

On Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Have you heard some difficulties in saving your money because you are a spendthrift.If yes don’t you worry because today you will have a different story if you are going to download this application just now.It has some bugeting tools which helps you to save by teaching you on very safe and effective ways to use your money.There are tools that help a user calculate their money and they have a target set for you which is the maximum amount of money that you are supposed to spend but here it is known as goals.All you have to do is to key in what you have and all that you have to pay as your bills and also liabilities and then with that calculation It is able to advise you correctly on how much you should spend as a wise person.


It has tools to help you save on your money.

It calculates your money and tells you the amount that you are supposed to spend.


Be a smart spender with simple 1.7.0


  • it makes the user to save on money
  • it is very simple to use


  • it is not that very effective
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