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City Guides by National Geographic 1.2.1

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By Kevin Kimaita

On Monday, June 1, 2015


For me I think that this is the best application ever that was ever developed that is suitable for travelling and also such purposes and as the name of the application suggests the application offers guides and also some help for travelling purposes. In short it offers some guides to the most popular cities in the whole world and therefore if you want to travel to this cities you can have this application and it can tell you the following things which are the currency of that country at that particular time, the maps of the area which guide you appropriately, the weather and also the best time to travel those cities and therefore by this information you can be able to plan effectively.


The following are the features of city guides by national geographic

It has a paid version of it

You can bookmark whatsoever you like in that page.


The best thing about this application is that you can never make a mistake with it.


  • It is very easy to use
  • It provides with the best time to go


  • there are some paid versions
Ease to access guides and manuals:



CITY GUIDES BY NATI0NAL GEOGRAPHIC 1.2.1 this is a travell aplication

By Finch-McAce Hans

On Monday, November 16, 2015

This is a travel app application used by travellers. Once you download it you will immediately note that it is limited s it has only has four world wide known cities like Paris, London, Rome and New York.

This application gives you full information about the city you are travelling to. The information about the particular city you are travelling to include the time of the city, the current exchange rate of the currency in that city at that time you are travelling, the weather forecasts and the best time to go.

The city guides of the particular city you are travelling to are also provided in the app. The most irritating part of this app is that this application has a limitation to the city provided as they are only four cities.


Currency exchange are provided in this application for the cities and they are provided according to the current time

Weather forecast s also provided for the four cities and heir surroundings

Information facts are also provided in the app about the cities


It is a good application to use especially for someone visiting among those four cities but its very unfair since you cannot use the application in other cities unless the ones which are included


  • Helps you as a stranger visiting the named 4 cities
  • it is easy to use


  • Not used in other cities other than the four
Ease to access guides and manuals:




City Guides by National Geographic is a virtual travel app that allows you to visit four of the most well-known cities worldwide: London, Paris, Rome and New York. It includes free practical information like when is the best time to go, maps, real-time currency exchange rates, weather forecasts and measurement conversion tables, amongst other features. This utility also offers over 50 short shareable “Did you Know?” facts for each city. Similarly, there is a Favorites module in which you can save items you want to remember or view again and a wide selection of iconic photographs of the four cities.

It allows you to visit four of the most worldwide known cities: London, Paris, Rome and New York

This app also has a paid version, in which there is unlockable premium content such other places’ city guides, do-not-miss lists of places to visit or things to see, city secrets or customized mapped itineraries. Nevertheless, the only drawback City Guides by National Geographic faces is the fact that there are only four cities available, which reduces usability to zero if you are travelling to a different place.

How does it work?

Getting started in City Guides by National Geographic is really easy. Once you are done with the download and setup process of the app, you will be taken to the home screen. There are four guides available: London, Paris, New York and Rome. Below their names you will find several icons representing how many photos, curiosities, must-visit places, itineraries, etc. there are available. When you have decided on which city guide you want to get immersed in, simply click “View Guide”.

The free version of this utility has four modules unlocked per city: Did you Know?, Essentials, My Favorites and Photos. As we previously mentioned, Did you Know menu includes up to 50 curiosities for each city. Essentials gives stats, maps, news and travel information. Photos provides you with access to images of the area you are looking for with a brief description of what the picture shows. In Favorites you will find those things you saved for a later review or just because you liked them. The weather forecast module is located at the bottom of the screen, next to the magnifying glass and settings icons. In case you want to try any other of the three remaining cities, just tap on “All cities” button.

City Guides by National Geographic 1.2.1 Features

The unique features of City Guides by National Geographic are:

  • Over 50 “Did you know?” facts per city
  • Favorites menu to bookmark content
  • Great range of iconic photographs of each place
  • Currency exchange rates provided in real-time
  • Weather forecast of the four cities and their surroundings
  • Measurement conversion tables
  • News, stats, maps and travel information

If you want to read more information about this software before you download it, feel free to visit the developer’s site.

System Requirements

The minimum system requirements to correctly download and install this utility are listed below:

  • iOS 5.0 or later
  • Compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch