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Wopp is a free video application developed by Wopp 21 S.L., and is designed to share events or moments through the Wopp community. Wopp is at the same time a tool, a format and a social platform. Wopp (VVideO Personal Pill) is a compressed format of video with a circular frame and a time limit.

It is a platform that offers a free social service to broadcast nanovideos and pictures, and it is a micro videoblogging tool that allows recording, viewing and sharing these files in this community and through the most common social networking websites. This application is directly connected to Facebook and Twitter, but you can search for videos or Wopps through other common social networks such as LinkdedIn or Tuenti, amongst others.

This download is described by the developers as a circular format, with a maximum of 21 seconds, with a title and a tag. The operation of this software is similar to Vine but with 21 seconds (because that is the necessary time to move someone) and within a circular frame (because it tries to emulate how humans focus).

Circular, 21 secods, a title and a tag
Circular, 21 secods, a title and a tag

How to use

Wopp is controlled by gestures and is based in events, which are like a Twitter tag. You can classify your Wopps with hashtags, which is very useful to search other microvideos with the same event; such as a concert, nice moments, or popular protests among others. It is ideal to broadcast an event because it allows sharing almost in real time. The portal instantly uploads the Wopps, and organizes them by prioritizing recency.

Wopp is at the same time a tool, a format and a social platform

In the lower center of the main window there is an eye icon; it is the REC button of this download. There are two tabs Events, which shows the most popular and fresh by category; and Woppers, that is an access point to the people to follow. The Woppline or timeline is the place that shows the latest Wopps of the people you are following.

By recording a film or getting one from your mobile gallery, the app encapsulates it in the Wopp format, and you can upload it to the platform and share it. You can either share your Wopp openly or privately. The Wopps of 21 seconds are less than one megabite in filesize, and the developer is working on making these files smaller. The next updates that will be designed by Wopp 21’s team are the extension of the app for tablet and web users.

Woppers to follow
Woppers to follow

Wopp 2.4.1 Features

The main features of Wopp are the next:

  • Three in one. It is a micro videoblogging tool, a circular format of no more than 21 seconds and a social platform
  • It is circular because emulates the human focus and because it stands out from other formats
  • Public or private. You can share your Wopp openly or in a personal way
  • Once you create a Wopp account, you can connect it to Facebook and Twitter directly through your mobile phone
  • It allows you to record a microvideo or to get one from your mobile gallery

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System requirements

The minimum system requirements for a correct installation of Wopp are the following:

  • Operating System: Android 3.0 and iOS 5.0 or later
  • HDD Space: 12.5 MB

A social profile
A social profile


This download is presented with phrases such as Discover the world through the eyes of others, Show yourself! Or Your life and opinion in video pills. This free mobile application has the goal of being a communication tool but with unique recording features such as the limited duration of the nanovideos and its circular frame.