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The Moron Test is a quiz videogame developed and published by DistinctDev Inc. It is available for iOS, Android and Windows Phone. The game is a huge success, being one of the best selling apps of all-time for iOS. The format of this game is inspired by IQ tests, as it poses apparently simple questions in order to extrapolate indices of intelligence.

The format of this game is inspired by IQ tests

The Moron Test exploits our tendency to rely on simple and efficient rules (called heuristics) when we make decisions. These rules work well in most cases, but sometimes lead to systematic errors. Everything seems easy when you start playing, but you will soon notice that most questions are misleading, and even the simplest task or question require you to think differently to succeed.

Themed Tests

The Moron Test offers loads of different questions and tasks for you to complete. Depending on how many correct answers you can give without failing more than three times, you will be awarded one of seven different ranks. There are checkpoints every few questions that give you different rankings, for instance, if you fail before the first checkpoint, you earn a “Moron” title. Completing the whole section awards you with “Genius” rank. If you fail a test you are free to return to the last checkpoint and continue on from there.

Each section has over a hundred steps and 45 tasks consisting of calculations, memorizing, identifying and matching. Every section introduces additional questions and characters. Old School is the first section added to the game, you have to follow the instructions to progress. Late Registration brings new question types and introduces new characters like the Green Frog and the Giraffe. Winter Break has winter-themed questions and characters like the Penguins. Food Fight includes flying food being thrown as a distraction and a black light that you can turn on to reveal hidden instructions. Skip Day is set in the beach and introduces flies that you have to eliminate by shaking your device. Tricky Treat introduces Halloween-themed questions. Prehistoric Idiot adds misleading instructions for some questions that are not to be followed. There is also an extra section called Flying Colors that tests your speed, memory and reflexes with three mini-games.

The Moron Test 6.0 Features

Check the features of this title before you download it:

  • Simple, addictive gameplay: touch the correct answer to progress
  • Hundreds of tricky puzzles and tasks consisting on calculations, matching, identifying and memorizing
  • Loads of themed sections with new characters and gameplay mechanics
  • Compete against your friends and climb up the global leaderboards
  • Achieve different ranks: Bonehead, Average Mammal, Slightly Smart, Somewhat Intelligent, etc.

If you are interested in The Moron Test and need additional information before you download the app, feel free to check the developer’s official website.

System Requirements

The minimum system requirements to download and run this app are:

  • Operating system: Android 1.6 or later/ iOS 4.2 or later
  • Hard disk: 23 MB of free space for Android/ 29 MB for iOS