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BBC iPlayer 3.1.1

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BBC iPlayer, also known as iPlayer, developed by BBC, is a web service and mobile application to view the British public television via Internet. Watch TV shows live, via streaming, it works with both WiFi and 3G connections. In the schedule are programs that have never before been offered outside the UK, and there is no need to have a TV license to access to BBC iPlayer’s programming.

Part of the schedule is offered in the FREE section

BBC iPlayer is based in a peer-to-peer technology to distribute TV shows on demand in an efficient way; it offers the ability to listen and watch the BBC Radio and TV programming of the last seven days. This platform offers more than 3,000 hours of TV shows, and you will be able to access new hits and also classic programs.

Search by channels or the most popular
Search by channels or the most popular

How to use

The interface is simple and handy, with a quick menu that includes the most popular programming. The schedule is classified by genres; there are 13 categories available to search and access to the most famous British TV in high quality (HD). You can view the schedule to know the upcoming shows.

This app allows you to enjoy the BBC iPlayer schedule in live everywhere via streaming and offers the capability to get TV shows to view in offline mode during a month. For this option you have to be a subscriber. Similarly, you have to be a subscriber to some kind of content, but part of the schedule is offered in the FREE section.

One attractive feature is that you can use larger screens. If you have AirPlay, you can enjoy the list of programs in your Apple TV device, if you don’t have it, you can do it through an HDMI adaptor connecting your TV with a cable. Something very attractive if you have children is that you can apply a parental control.

Watch TV shows by episodes
Watch TV shows by episodes

BBC iPlayer 3.1.1 Features

The main features of this program are:

  • This mobile app and the whole service are available in English
  • The list of programs is classified by categories such as Arts & Culture, Drama, News Specials, Comedy, Science & Nature, Documentaries, Sci-Fi, Family & Kids and Entertainment
  • There is an option to extend an iPad subscription to other iOS devices. One subscription for many devices
  • It allows parental control
  • It offers more than 3,000 hours of programming
  • This app offers to customize the image quality in two modes
  • It offers toggle subtitles
  • BBC iPlayer offers three offline modes: Watch anywhere, Keep for 30 days and Download. The download service to offline mode is available through WiFi and 3G connection.

To get more information about this software, feel free to check the developer’s website .

3 different offline modes
3 different offline modes

System requirements

This are the minimum system requirements to install BBC iPlayer:

  • Operating System: Android 2.2 and iOS 6.0 or later
  • HDD Space: 10 MB

  • You don’t need TV license to enjoy the programming on your mobile device
  • It offers a download service
  • You can enjoy your favorite British programs outside of the UK
  • It offers both, subscription programming and a free section
  • It is available only in English


Enjoy watching and listening to BBC programmes through BBC iPlayer 3.1.1

By Princess Purity

On Wednesday, December 10, 2014

In need of watching and listening to BBC programmes? Then BBC iPlayer is an application which will allow you do so through live streaming on the internet. All you need is your Smartphone or a web service because it works with both 3G and WIFI connections.

The app offers a wide variety of program categories such as entertainment, family and kids programs, arts and culture and many more. If you miss a certain show during the week, you don’t need to worry because with this app, you can be able to listen and watch programmes of the last 7 seven days. There is accessibility to new hits and classic programs anywhere or download them and you can as well keep them for 30 days.

The best thing with iplayer is that it has parental control option whereby as a parent, you are able to control the programs that your kids are watching.


  •  You don’t need to have access to a TV licence to access iplayer programs
  •  One can apply parental control
  •  It has the download option
  •  Offers more than 3,000 hours of programming


  •  It has only one language option, that is, English
  •  One cannot access the app if they don’t have 10MB HDD space.
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