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Lapse It, developed by Interactive Universe, is a mobile application that allows you to accelerating a recording of a moment that evolves and changes slowly. An example of such an evolving moment is the rising of a cake in the oven, the movements of clouds, a special makeup with a before and after effect, the building process of a sand castle, amongst others that you can create yourself.

This app is designed to create videos with Time-Lapse or Stop Motion techniques, to make a video controlling the quantity of frames per minute, being no more than sixty frames per minute. It is as simple as that Lapse It controls the time between snapshots. You should consider for your projects that the duration of the shooting is depending on your battery and mobile’s disk space.

Lapse It has a great interface which is visual appealing and with a nice user experience. It is easy to use, with fast processing work and an intuitive way to explore. As with with current trends, Lapse It also has a social character because you can follow and watch video clips from other users. Record your own short film and add a music clip soundtrack from your library. Edit this music with a little editor with basic functions and a small waveform graphic.

How to use

The main window refers to three basic buttons: New Capture, Gallery and Settings. In the capture window, you have to adjust the time between photos, and the resolution of the photo. The editing window enables basic functions such as options to trim, add effects, music and to render the final video.

To create videos with Time-Lapse or Stop Motion techniques

Lapse It offers filters and some post-capture effects: Vintage, Old film, Monochrome, Vivid Colours and Invert Colours. Lapse It is so flexible that you can customize the frame interval, the time scale based in seconds, the initial delay in milliseconds, the resolution, the brightness level, the shutter sound or the schedule to capture.

The social facet of Lapse It offers the option to view the most popular videos with the tabs News Feed, What’s Hot, and Projects. You can access your Profile to change your profile photo, your nickname or to view your Followers, your Likes, your own Videos published and the users you are Following.

Editor window
Editor window

Lapse It 4.25 Features

These are the main features of Lapse It:

  • The capture resolution can be up to 1080p full HD in PRO version. Standard version allows shooting in 240p, 360p, 480p and 720p
  • It allows you to modify the interval time of capture from the first second
  • Capability to make light video editing before rendering
  • This download offers nice filters or effects to apply
  • Record during the entire time that the capabilities of your mobile allows
  • Share your final video through the most popular social networks, such as YouTube or Facebook
  • The settings are fully customizable
  • It provides a fast and powerful rendering engine and offers FLV, MOV or MP4 output formats

If you want further information about this download, visit the official website .

Apply some effects
Apply some effects

System requirements

The system requirements you need to install this download are:

  • Operating System: iOS 5.0 and Android 1.6
  • HDD Space: 12 MB