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Dark Meadow: The Pact 1.1.1

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Dark Meadow: The Pact is a horror mobile game developed by Phosphor Games Studio, LLC and published by the same company. Once you download this app and start playing, you will wake up in a creepy nursery with an old man in a wheelchair. His voice is quite calming but also denotes a certain touch of madness. He will warn you about the terrifying creatures that inhabit the hospital. In addition, he will tell you about a witch, which is supposedly the leader of all the creatures. Then, he leaves you alone and you can only communicate with him via the hospital intercom.

Those lucky ones who have Tegra 3 on their devices will be able to appreciate the full power of the graphics

The graphics are really outstanding in this title. Those lucky ones who have Tegra 3 on their devices will be able to appreciate the full power of the graphics. Even though the argument resorts to the classic formula of someone waking up in an unknown place, with no memories and even without knowing who he is, the graphics make this game indispensable on you device.

Graphics are really detailed
Graphics are really detailed


This horror adventure offers a first person perspective, so it is like if you were really in a hospital. You have to explore the place. With touch-based gestures, you will control your character. If you touch certain item, you will collect it. Gold is an important item to collect since you can upgrade your weapons with it. By tapping on the green glimpses that you will see on the floor, you will move to that point. Soon, you will see the first glance of the witch, but luckily, you will not have to fight her now.

As mentioned, you just have to tap where you want to move your character, and in order to look around you have to move your finger through the screen. When it comes to battle, movements are quite intuitive. You will have ranged weapons, and also melée ones. The ranged one automatically appears when a monster is in front of you. To shoot, you have to tap and release the spiral icon. The controls of the melée weapons are as simple as swiping the finger where you want to move the weapons and that is all.

The gameplay is also based on an RPG style. By defeating monsters, you get experience points, and you can upgrade your different skills. Upgrade your skills is very important since the level of difficulty of the monsters increases as you complete stages. In addition, you can buy gold, gems, sun coins, etc. with real money.

Lots of monsters will appear in your way
Lots of monsters will appear in your way

Dark Meadow: The Pact 1.1.1 Features

The outstanding features of Dark Meadow: The Pact are:

  • Stunning graphics powered by Unreal Engine 3 to see every detail of the creepy environment
  • Gestured-based controls that are very easy to use
  • Interesting storyline
  • RPG gameplay style in which you will have to develop your character at will
  • Multiple weapons to face the dreadful monsters on your way

If you are interested in this horror game and you want to know more about the app, feel free to visit the official website .

System Requirements

Here you can check out the minimum system requirements to download the app to your Android device:

  • Operating System: 3.2 Honeycomb or later
  • Free Space: Varies depending on the device

The minimum requirements to download and play Dark Meadow on your iOS device are the following:

  • Operating System: iOS 4.0 or later
  • Free Space: 573 MB available


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