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Garden of Fear is a survival horror game developed and published by Smuttlewerk Interactive. As with every survival game, you are defenseless against a monster who is stalking you in a creepy place. This time, the monster is a terrifying deformed creature that goes for a walk in a dark and medieval maze and you must avoid it. If you don't manage to flee or hide from it, and he sees you, it is clear what is going to happen. You will pass away in a very bloody way, and all with its bare hands.

The monster is a terrifying deformed creature that goes for a walk in a dark and medieval maze and you must avoid it

Even though graphically speaking, Garden of Fear is not marvellous, it is good enough for being a mobile app. You will be able to see quite good details of the maze, and if you are so unlucky to see the monster, you will be able to appreciate its details, too. However, what really makes this game scary is the sound effects. If you play with the headphones, in a dark room, and alone, you will be scared, I assure you.

Say hello to our friend the monster
Say hello to our friend the monster

Keep all your senses alert

The main objective of Garden of Fear is to escape from the maze by finding the correct door out. There are eight doors, one of them will lead you to the freedom, and the other seven doors will send you back to the starting point. The creators provide you with a flashlight, a compass, 20 charcoals and you provide the courage! Actually, your scary adventure can last hours or just a few minutes since it is a matter of luck. You can find the correct door on your first attempt or it can be the last door you find.

As a point of advice, I can say that using the charcoal you have to mark the doors before you open them is a good idea. This way, you will be able to recognize it if you find the same door again. The batteries of the flashlight are not endless; they run out, so you have to save them as much as you can. When you turn off the light, the batteries recharge. If you hear the breath and the steps of the beast, you have only one thing to do to save your life. Find a hidden corner on the hallways, get inside, turn off the light, and pray for your life. If you are lucky, the beast will pass by you, but if you are not, it will attack you. You only are strong enough to suffer three blows, then, you die.

Dark hallways is all you will see
Dark hallways is all you will see

Garden of Fear 1.3 Features

The main features of Garden of Fear are listed below:

  • Huge creepy maze with a beast hungry for your flesh
  • You will rely on a flashlight, a compass, and some charcoals to escape
  • Terrifying soundtrack to make you get goose bumps
  • Good graphics to create a creepy atmosphere
  • Smooth controls based on touch gestures on your screen device

Please, feel free to visit the developer’s official website to know more about this app before you download it.

System Requirements

The minimum system requirements you need to download this game to your Android device are:

  • Operating System: Android 1.5 Cupcake or later versions
  • Free Space: 22 MB available

The minimum system requirements to download and play the app on your iOS device are:

  • Operating System: iOS 5.0 or later
  • Free Space: 33.9 MB available