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  • I just love to be a social manager but a king is always best. Sometimes you feel you are the right person for such missions and I believe that every Strategy games users are very intelligent to build their own empire or village or union or a kingdom


Adventure Town is a city-building videogame developed by Supersolid. It is available for both Android and iOS devices. The main objective of the game is to build a city, manage its resources to make it bigger and send your heroes into epic fights against terrifying monsters to protect the citizens. Adventure Town offers beautiful 3D graphics for buildings and settings combined with 2D sprites for people and monsters.

The main objective is to build a city, manage its resources and make it bigger

This title follows the style of many other city-building games, but it also has some unique features that make it worth playing. Your city has brave heroes to protect it, and you are free to equip them with different weapons, armors and shields to increase their power and chances of survival against enemies. Additionally, you can craft exotic materials using basic resources and trade these in exchange for rewards.

Customize your heroes with epic equipment
Customize your heroes with epic equipment

Epic Quests

The game starts with a small village being attacked by a gigantic dragon. Luckily for the village, three brave heroes manage to defeat it. Now you are the owner of the village and responsible for taking care of its inhabitants’ needs. You have to build businesses that generate gold and raw materials. You can level up these buildings to generate better materials. Houses grant a certain amount of gold (in-game currency) every few hours. You can also build farmlands and plant different crops. When you harvest these crops, they become supplies for the businesses to keep them working and creating materials.

Adventure Town offers RPG features such as leveling up items and the most important one: heroes. Every few levels, a hero will appear in your town. To unlock it you have to fulfill some objectives and then use gold to hire your new hero. All heroes have the same stats, but you can use different equipment to make them unique. There are different rarity tiers for weapons, shields, armors and helmets. You can purchase a random piece of equipment using gold and upgrade it by fusing other pieces to make that piece stronger. Don’t forget to keep your heroes fighting against monsters, as these will increase your Town Guardian’s level. The Guardian is a colossal statue that grants daily rewards such as gold and experience.

Adventure Town 0.3.25 Features

Here you can check out the features of this app before you download it:

  • Build your own medieval town, expand it and manage its resources
  • Enjoy beautiful 3D graphics combined with 2D cartoon-style sprites
  • Create an army of heroes to defend your town
  • Customize your heroes using unique equipment and make them unstoppable
  • Follow the storyline through quests and obtain big rewards

If you are interested in Adventure Town and need further information before you download the app, feel free to check the developer’s official website.

Fight against dangerous monsters
Fight against dangerous monsters

System Requirements

The minimum system requirements to download and run this app are:

  • Operating system: Android 2.3 or later/ iOS 4.3 or later
  • Hard disk: 46.6 MB of free space for Android/ 60.1 MB for iOS