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CATE (Call and Text Eraser) is a mobile application to keep your communication activities such as SMS, MMS and calls safe. CATE was developed with the objective of helping people to preserve a secret, this download comes with the tagline: Save your marriage, everyone deserves privacy, and We promise to keep it a secret. CATE is ideal to communicate with true privacy, allowing you to retrieve calls and SMSs when it is safe, to hide activity or filter by predefined contacts.

This app is ideal to communicate with true privacy, allowing you to retrieve calls and SMSs when it is safe

CATE’s operation is handy and is based on the creation and management of a blacklist with “special” contacts. It allows you to keep your privacy safe with tools to block, erase and hide your activity. Block all calls (or a single call) and SMSs from a contact, create a fake notification sending false SMS, or send an automatic SMS reply to one blacklisted when it try to contact you.

Main menu
Main menu

How to use

CATE’s main menu allows to access to the options: Add/Edit contacts, Quick, Stealth Mode, Select Icon & Text, Retrieve Calls & Tests, Settings, Minimize App and Close App. In CATE's Settings, you will access to the functions: Select Secret Number, Select Reset Message, Minimize By Shake, Minimize When Idle and Sync Auto.

With CATE, you will be capable of deleting all the logs with Quick Clean, to intercept communications from selected numbers from the blacklist with Stealth Mode, and view intercepted communications with Retrieve Calls & Texts, you can run CATE in the background with Minimize App and customize the keywords with Select Secret Number.

Once you have created the blacklist, you can call or text one contact by holding down the icon with the name of the receiver. For each contact of blacklist, there are three options to block calls: Pick Up/Hang Up, Send to Voicemail, and Mute. Pick Up/Hang Up is an option for not allowing to leave a message, with Send to Voicemail the contact of the black list can leave a message on voicemail directly, and with Mute the ringer will be muted but the mobile phone will continue to work.

CATE 4.4 Features

These are some of the features of this program:

  • This download offers the option to block and filter SMSs, pictures and calls
  • CATE provides a protection of your privacy with a secret number. Feel safe from nosey onlookers
  • You can create your blacklist, and it can be unlimited. You can create your blacklist from your mobile address book or manually
  • To send a message, a picture or call someone without leaving a trace, this app allows these activities from the app itself. CATE offers Stealth mode
  • You can block communication activities to each contact on the blacklist. CATE enables you to send a programmed SMS when one specific contact tries to contact you
  • Quick access to some useful activities such as delete all the private communications with Quick Clean
  • Hide the app with a shake or when idle. CATE’s icon is hidden, or you can modify to eliminate the icon

To expand the information about this download, feel free to check the .

Manage the logs of a contact
Manage the logs of a contact

System requirements

To install CATE you need the following minimum system requirements:

  • Operating System: Android 2.1 or later
  • HDD Space: 1.7 MB of free space


Get them unaware by installing and using CATE 4.4 on your phone.

By Jackson Mbindyo

On Tuesday, May 19, 2015

If you would like to keep your life private and free from any unnecessary interference from people calling and texting you try CATE and you will never regret in life. Developed majorly for people who would like to have to high privacy levels and it is very effective. Unlike other apps in the market which can only block incoming calls CATE will not only block all your SMS and MMS but will both retrieve calls, texts and MMS when need be.

This application comes with a blacklist which is very effective in maintaining user’s privacy. It allows users to block, erase or even hide any activity from any contact chosen. This application comes with access options which are very useful in managing the privacy of user’s phones. The quick clean is very useful in deleting all logs within a second and also to intercept communications from all selected numbers in the black list.


  • - Ability to block calls, sms and mms makes it wonderful.
  • - It can clear all logs within a second making it very useful
  • - It allows users to create a blacklist that is unlimited


  • - Only made for devices operating on the Android operating system
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