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  • The live Playlist and Linear TV, web embedment, cant wait to try it out today, do i need a server for this? if yes how can i get one please?



Streamago is a free mobile application that connects with the Streamago platform. This platform is a live broadcasting service where users can transmit events directly through their mobile devices to an audience worldwide. It was developed with a commercial idea, for companies and entrepreneurs can create their own TV web, keeping the customers and followers up to date with their products and services.

Broadcast any event, report or class thorough the mobile app via Wi-Fi or a 3G connection

This download is easy to use and very effective; you will be able to use it for educational purposes, such as to explain a class. You can also transmit an event live, such as the concert of your friend’s band or a social protest directly through your smartphone. You'll surely be able to make the most of Streamago, giving to it more practical uses and adapting it to your needs.

Streamago is an online broadcast service that also offers live videos and also on demand. You can record and broadcast simultaneously and directly from your smartphone with the app, but you can also upload previously made videos. Manage your profile, your channel, create a playlist or broadcast 24 hours per day viewable, worldwide.

Your channel to contact with your public
Your channel to contact with your public

How to use

To use it, you have to press Go Live button and instantaneously record a video with your smartphone. The video will be stored in your channel, which you can customize and where you can communicate with your followers about the next event. Once you finish, you can share it through Facebook or Twitter, to keep all your fans up to date.

If you are a teacher or a new reporter, this service has the option to integrate the Streamago player in other websites, such blogs or personal sites, so your followers can access your videos from your site. The process to include this player in other website is as simple as copying and pasting the URL.

This is a free service, but there is a Premium version to guarantee the high definition of the content. The free version allows broadcasting to up to 50 concurrent viewers, with up to 20 GB of video storage, with activity, visits and traffic reports. Broadcast any event, report or class thorough the mobile app via Wi-Fi or a 3G connection.

Main menu with Go Live button
Main menu with Go Live button

Streamago Features

These are the main features of Streamago:

  • It creates a personal channel in your profile
  • This download allows you to share your broadcast through social networks Twitter and Facebook
  • It provides an online broadcast service and the capability of broadcasting pre-recorded videos
  • It supports recordings from the frontal and principal or back camera
  • Streamago provides switches to control the flash of the camera during the recording
  • It also provides controls to manage the mute on the microphone
  • This download is ideal to share a music show live
  • It offers up to 20 GB of storage for the videos
  • The action to create an account doesn’t carry a cost, allowing you to create playlists and linear TV

To get more information about Streamago, visit the developer’s website .

Basic buttons in recording mode
Basic buttons in recording mode

System requirements

The minimum system requirements to install Streamago are:

  • Operating System: Android 4.0.3 and iOS 5.1 or later
  • HDD Space: 12.8 M