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Ironpants 1.1

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By Kevin Kimaita

On Monday, June 1, 2015


This for me is a very sarcastic game as the name suggests ironpants and here in this game you have to control a character who wears iron like pants and this is because of the way he uncontrorably falls to the ground and for you as a player to make him not fall to the ground you must be able to tap the screen.This game is more interesting when you ta the screen and when you do this thing continuously he will be able to fly more high and thus this will be able to prevent him from falling down.In this game it doesn’t have other levels all you have to do is to reach the highest score possible if the character ironpants falls you have to start all over again.


The following are the features for ironpants 1.1

Has a multiplayer support

Also tap the screen to avoid ironpants from falling.


A cartoon like game


  • The game has cartoon like features this makes it fun
  • The game has stunning graphics


  • the game can be boring later
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control a certain character with ironpants by tapping the screen and avoid him from falling

By Martin Maguna

On Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Ironpants 1.1

Ironpants is a game that you has a very funny game play yes a funny one and I encourage you to download it and play it right now.There is a character who appears like a small boy to me and you will be controlling him by just tapping the screen and avoiding him from falling and just rember he is wearing some pants that are made of iron and so they are very heavy.Your main objective as the player will be to avoid him from falling all you have to do is to make him fly or the more you tap the screen he will keep on going high till he goes to the next level until you finish the game.


The control is very easy

The character wears an iron pants

You control using a touch screen the game has various levels which you have to conquer so as to go to the next level.


Laugh your way all through the game


  • it has a very simple game play
  • it is very fun to play the game


  • the game has no storyline at all
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Ironpants is an endless runner mobile game developed and published by Eduardas Klenauskis. It is undoubtedly based on the famous (since disappeared) Flappy Bird, and it is a good replacement. Ironpants is equally addictive, and it became known before our little bird disappeared. The controls are a little different, but they are equally annoying - I could even say that they are more annoying, if that's possible.

You will control a little superhero in pants who tries to pass by wooden boxes placed on the screen

Once you start playing, you will control a little superhero in pants who tries to pass by wooden boxes placed on the screen. Of course, it seems like his pants are made from iron since he inevitably falls to the floor as if his pants weigh a ton. To avoid him falling, you must tap the screen. If you hold your finger, he flies higher and higher, if you stop tapping the screen, Ironpants will fall.

Graphically speaking, Ironpants is just a bunch of pixels. The endless background repeats itself every few seconds, and the wooden boxes are as simple as they can be. Our little superhero is too cute for being just a pile of colored pixels. Watching how he flies is sometimes hypnotizing, until you crash into a box. The good point is that thanks to its lack of definition, we only know he is wearing just pants because of the name.

How to survive this adventure without going mad

As above mentioned, the controls are really really annoying. After you play the game for a few minutes, one of two things may occur; either you are completely addicted to Ironpants and you struggle to beat your top score, or you will hate it and never play again. In order to avoid the second option, I will give you some advice. Take into account that practice is everything with Ironpants. The first 50 times you try it, you will not pass from five or less, so relax. Once you get used to it, you will control the character better, and you will know how to react to the different positions of the boxes. In addition, by this time you will have gotten used to the physics.

Another useful tip is trying to keep the character in the middle of the screen. This way, you will have more time to react, regardless of where the gap is. If you go too much high or too much low, you are doomed. However, it does not serve its purpose if you do not take into account that you cannot win this game! You will be lucky if you get the best score ever and you are unbeaten.

Ironpants 1.1 Features

Here you can see the outstanding features of Ironpants:

  • One simple control: you just have to tap the screen
  • Endless level in which you have to reach the highest score possible
  • Cartoon-like graphics
  • You can compete against your friends
  • Share your records and see your position on the leaderboards

If you are interested in Ironpants, feel free to visit this website to check out more information about the app before you download it to your device.

System Requirements

The minimum requirements to download and play this app on your Android device are:

  • Operating System: Android 2.2 FroYo or later
  • Free Space: 11 MB available

The minimum requirements to download the app to your iOS device are:

  • Operating System: iOs 4.3 or later
  • Free Space: 11 MB available