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Samplr is a music maker and a sampler machine developed by Marcos Alonso and presented as a new kind of instrument. This application has a visual and very appealing interface that works quickly, accurately and with excellent sensitivity to multitouch gestures. Samplr is ideal for making DJ performances, thanks its mix features and how easy and precise it is to apply and modify any effect.

Using Samplr is an imaginative way to create music from scratch. You can activate the clip track, drag the tempo, press the record button and start to create your own music. You also can record a sound with an input, change the tone, section the sampler and make your own octave to play like a touchable piano. Samplr is a fairly comprehensive and flexible application that all the users usually love because they feel free to improvise, without requiring virtually anything else than the iPad and this app.

Like a touchable piano
Like a touchable piano

How to use

The main window of Samplr is divided by portions. In the top at left there are the menus of the modes, tools and effects. In the top at the right, there is a small box in which you can manipulate the effects by swiping and dragging your finger through the screen. The bottom of the Samplr screen is a hybrid between a timeline, a deck, a sampler area and an area to apply the modes.

It is ideal to DJ performances, thanks its mix features

The sampler area is divided into six channels with eight voices each. These sections are reversible and modifiable. In Samplr the assimilation of gestures is very intelligent: If you touch in the bottom of a sample and drag to the top, the intensity of the sound increases. Samplr allows gesture recording, so that, if you change a mode, you will get different sounds but at the same rate.

It supports multitouch gestures
It supports multitouch gestures

Samplr 1.3 Features

These following items are the main features of this application:

  • Samplr offers five effects: Reverb, Distortion, Delay, Filter and Amplitude Modulator
  • It provides six samples simultaneous with eight voices each
  • Samplr runs eight modes: Loop Player, Slicer, Keyboard, Looper, E-bow, Scratch and Tape
    • Slicer: selects and delimits a fragment of the sample to play it
    • Looper: select fragments of the sample to create loops
    • E-bow: play little fragments of the sample, and it will play the precise sound of the portion around your fingers
    • Tape and Scratch: the position of the fingers control the velocity of the displaying
    • Arpeggiator: automatic sequences of little fragments of the sample
    • Keyboard: shows a transparent keyboard, imitating an octave. Hit the sample with the keyboard
    • Loop Player: replay a sample with the tempo changed
  • This download offers MIDI Sync Input and the capability to record inputs and mix audio
  • Samplr offers the ability to make overdubbed records
  • It allows the importing of files from Dropbox and offers audiobus input and output
  • Samplr is available in English, Japanese, Spanish and Catalan

If you need more information about this download, feel free to check Samplr's official website .

System requirements

The minimum system requirements to install this download are:

  • Operating System: iOS 5.0 or later
  • Processor: iPad or iPad Mini
  • HDD Space: 43 MB of free space