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Slender Man Origins is a horror mobile game developed and published by BIGZUR LP. This scary adventure stands out from the rest, even though there are tons of Slenderman games, either for PC platforms or mobile ones. What makes this title so outstanding is that it brings a breath of fresh air to the genre and changes a lot from the rest of the Slender games.

This adventure began in 1702, in a house where a devoted father is playing hide and seek with his little son

For a start, Slender Man Origins has a background story, which only a few Slenderman titles have. The majority of games simply release you into a dark forest or creepy place with no reason and tells you that you have to find eight pages (once again with no reason). However, this adventure began in 1702, in a house where a devoted father is playing hide and seek with his little son. Suddenly, the door is violently knocked, and when you open it, an old man tells you that seven kids have disappeared.

It is at this point that you discover you are a local detective, and you are in charge of finding those lost children. For this purpose, you must go to several locations and find them before Slenderman does. However, you soon discover that you are not alone, of course; Slenderman is stalking you, watching every move you carry out, and he does not want you to steal his precious kids.

You are not alone, take it into account

The soundtrack of Slender Man Origins will remind you that you are not alone with every step that you take. The sound of a child crying will give you a clue about where the kids are. Nevertheless, this is not the only sound you will hear. Really gloomy music will be present throughout the adventure, and sudden music beats will startle you very often.

As usually in Slender games, when you hear the white noise and see your screen blurs, you know what it means. Our friend in a suit is close to you, so you'd better run in the opposite direction. Maybe this task can be a bit difficult to perform. Controls are smooth and easy to use, but you may be overwhelmed by the fear and the shock of watching Slenderman appear. To move you just have to tap where you want to go, and slide the finger on the screen to control where you want to see.

Say hello to Slenderman, now,  you are dead
Say hello to Slenderman, now, you are dead

You will have four horror environments to play this game. The Castle, Graveyard, Village and Forest are the locations, and you can customize them at will. All locations have the options of Rain, Fog and Night (except Castle, in which obviously, it cannot rain), and two horror levels: Normal and Nightmare. Depending on the options you choose, the adventure can be more or less scary. In my opinion, Night is the worst since you can only see a few steps in front of you, and even though with Fog it is the same, the darkness makes the experience worse (or better, depending on how you enjoy the fear).

Fog is one of the available options
Fog is one of the available options

Slender Man Origins 0.01 Features

The main features of Slender Man Origins are next:

  • Four creepy locations to play and be stalked by Slenderman: Graveyard, Village, Forest and Castle
  • Ability to change the ambience and atmosphere: Rain, Night and Fog
  • Gloomy soundtrack composed by dismal music and sudden noises
  • Incredibly terrifying graphics in which unexplainable things may happen
  • Smooth controls to forget you are playing a game and focus on the dreadful experience

If you are interested in Slender Man Origins and you want more information before you download the app, feel free to visit the developer’s official website .

System Requirements

To download and play this app on your Android device, the minimum requirements are the following:

  • Operating System: Android 2.3 Gingerbread or later
  • Free Space: Varies depending on the device

The minimum requirements to download the app to your iOS device are:

  • Operating System: iOS 4.0 or later
  • Free Space: 96.7 MB available



By Keyvo Kimaita

On Thursday, June 11, 2015


This for me I can say is a very great game with a perfect storyline and it is thrilling as per se now this is how it all begins. As the name of the game suggest the opponent of the player is called slender man in which he opposes you the player for the beautiful and worthy course that you are undertaking. First when you download the game it starts in a very old house where a certain father is playing some game with his son and then suddenly they here a knock which is like a bhang and astonished they go to open the door then an old man is at the door and they come and tell you the player that some seven kids have disappeared and it is your obligation to find those kids. Your opponent is called slender man and he is hiding this kids which are like gold to him and you must visit various places before he does and please watch out because slender man is monitoring your each and every move.


The following are the features of slender man origins 0.01

Be guided by kids’ cries to lead you where they are.

Be as a rescue to those kids who have been kidnapped by slender man

Also you can be able to change the atmosphere


Please download this game to feel what I feel and to have an amazing gameplay and keep on playing it and also encourage other people to download the game.


  • The storyline is so amazing
  • The graphics are stunning beyond words


  • the game can be addictive as it very fun to play
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