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A love story in two parts: reality and imagination. Which will have more power.

By Juan Jesus Adalid Ramos

On Monday, August 17, 2015

Even now arrived when making a decision about the quality that holds this product, you may display a player confused by Catherine mechanics, given his strange appearance. Maybe that's exactly the keyword: ?? strange '. Everything about Catherine is different from what we are accustomed to find in this industry in recent years. Very few proposals to offer approaches to risk getting out of the norm and, therefore, when one of them appears the doors of a universe that has become increasingly interesting to a larger number of players open. Catherine was sold erotic vein (which, as discussed during the analysis, is not so), but little has been said about the mechanics of puzzles at a time in which titles like this are scarce, especially if We talk about adventures that can boast of a mature argument or with technical quality off any possible criticism.

What we should be criticizing is the monotony that inevitably leads us to die twenty times on the same stage with just an hour of play at our backs, or how difficult it is to unlock the hidden ways, since many require obtaining a statuette gold for it.

it is impossible to keep the defects and the virtues. From history to the mechanics, through the technical side, Catherine has nothing to envy to any of the iconic titles of this generation. Especially if we are looking for an original, refreshing product, which is completely out of the norm, but maintains the guy with a seriousness that is likely to leave more than a gaping player. Having a couple of alternate endings and scenes that can only display depending on our choices is another point that distinguishes Catherine of competition, although not all the decisions we take can boast of being as mature ?? '. A sense of humor is essential, but the feeling that in the future, if ever arises Atlus continue with this style you created for the occasion, the Japanese would do well to improve these small details is transmitted.

Catherine is a unique title, highly recommended, a small treat on the market at a crucial themselves known to the public who still know their virtues time.


  • To enjoy a fresh and original storyline. Adult, not erotic
  • a soundtrack and dubbing, especially in the original version.


  • High level of difficulty from the early stages of play.




By Faith Mwari

On Monday, September 7, 2015

This is an action adventure and very interesting. The game is about a man who had dated his girl friend since childhood. Who find that this man is not serious with his girl friend. Especially when the girl friend becomes pregnant and the man is not ready to marry her since he likes carefree life with no responsibility. At some stage, a 22 year old lady appear to him at night. Then Catherine mysteriously also appears to his boy friend and this is when all problems starts. There is a lot of fight between these two women and the man does not know what to do. This creates a lot of fear and havoc. Catherine has noted his boyfriend is no longer faithful and this disturbs him very much. So the fight ensures each of the ladies trying to have ownership of the man, and the man getting confused.


- Very interesting storyline

- Different modes of gameplay

- Multiplatform available for playstation 3

- Different bosses


Very interesting storyline which looks real


  • available for play station 3
  • the storyline is real or rather looks like real


  • you do not stop playing it



Catherine or Katherine choose not go wrong with state of Atlus.

By Pablo Conde Ferrer

On Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Vincent has long been known to Katherine, his girlfriend, who pressed to take the step of marriage, something that Vincent is not too happy. Katherine loves, but is satisfied with the situation as it is, and do not want to tie the mode of married life, but it will accelerate to unexpected events. In the mental cocoa protagonist, also produced by the comments of his friends, each with an opinion about a dangerous ingredient is added: Catherine, a girl who is the ideal type of Vincent, which also attracted to him from the first time. The evening will end in infidelity, and that will be the start of more and more problems. Meanwhile, in the city mysterious deaths that seem to affect young men, all found in his bed with a horrible expression appear. Rumors will grow, people will talk about deaths that occur in dreams with real effects. Gradually, Vincent found surprising connections between these cases and recurrent nightmares, which have continued to haunt him since he met Catherine. All he knows is that if he dies in sleep, the next victim will appear in the news.

Phases "in the real world" take place in The Stray Sheep, a local cocktail in which Vincent, friends and other people who are passing through, in and out before long meet. Here talks develop.

Part of the story takes place in the daytime, but at some point the bar will close and we will leave to sleep, our dreaded bed. In it, Vincent suffers nightmares are a great part of the argument.

In these nightmares, there are two possible scenarios: one, the puzzle itself, and in between these phases, the "base camps" to save the game and talk to other characters turned into sheep, at least in our eyes


  • Design originality puzzles and phases of history
  • The gestures of the characters are Japanese style


  • The lack of network game in multiplayer modes




For what are you going to use the program?
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  • to play the game and nothing else. it's just one of my favorite games of all time. I do not plan to illegally redistribute this file by any means.

What similar programs have you used?
  • softonic has been the software i used before when downloading free softwares and I think this might work, just so as long as it isn't fake..

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  • its a game with fun filled puzzle format. nice addictive time passing game. i would like if developers create more of this sorts of games in future. thanks.


Catherine is an action adventure puzzle game developed and published by Atlus. When playing, you will become Vincent Brooks, a thirty-two year old man who is dating his girlfriend Katherine from his childhood. However, he is not sure about their feelings since he does not want to marry. He likes his carefree life, and when he finds out that Katherine may be pregnant, he does not know what to do.

You main objective is surviving, and to do this you must climb all blocks until you reach the top

At this point, a young twenty-two year old woman appears in his life. Catherine is mysterious, and she suddenly appears in Vincent's house. After meeting her, Vincent starts having strange nightmares every night. Catherine's apparition creates havoc in Vincent's world, and now his relationship with Katherine is in danger. Its ethic, morals, faithfulness and feeling will be tested, and he must choose the way he wants to take.

Gameplay, modes and more

This game is based on three different gameplay styles. When you are playing on the nightmares, the style is Action. You main objective is surviving, and to do this you must climb all blocks until you reach the top. Blocks collapse as time passes and you have to reach the top before they all fall off. There are different kinds of blocks (icy ones, with spikes, etc.) and you have some items you can use to help you climb. In addition, you will have to answer some questions and these answers will vary your Karma. Depending on the Karma you have at the end, different endings will appear. This is the most active gameplay of Catherine, as the rest are more passive since you only have to talk with people or simply watch the animations.

Climb the blocks before the boss catches you
Climb the blocks before the boss catches you

Then, Drama gameplay will be played when Vincent wakes up. Here you have nothing to do, just watch the animation and see what happen in Vincent's life. Romantic affairs, strange deaths of young men, Catherine and Katherine - all will be important. The other active part of the gameplay is when you are in the Stray Sheep. It is a bar where Vincent and some friends meet. Adventure gameplay takes place, and you must talk with other people to get clues about what is happening. You can also drink alcohol, which will make Vincent walk in a very funny way, but that will make him faster when climbing in nightmares. Sending messages to your two "girlfriends" is possible. For some advice, you must talk with all people every time they appear since if you do not do it, you may miss important clues about the story. In addition, people can give you advice about what to do with your life.

In addition, there are three modes to play. Golden Playhouse is the main story and has its respective gameplays. Babel, which is composed only by the tower challenges. You can re-do them and try to get a better score. Finally, you will have Colosseum, which is unlocked when you complete Golden Playhouse and is where you can compete against other players in tower challenges.

Catherine Full Version Features

The outstanding features of Catherine are listed here:

  • Different gameplay styles in which you cannot get bored
  • Nine different endings depending on the karma choices
  • Different game modes: Golden Playhouse, Colosseum and Babel
  • Interesting storyline that can be played several times to unlock the different endings
  • Different bosses with different attacks: they come from your deepest fears (like in Silent Hill)
  • Multiplatform: it is available for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360

If you are interested in Catherine and you want to know more about this adventure before you download it to your console, feel free to visit the official website .

The Nightmare
The Nightmare's world is full of sheep waiting to be destroyed

System Requirements

The minimum requirements to download Catherine to your console are as follows:

  • Operating System: PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360