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For what are you going to use the program?
  • research of zombie and survival crafting games, continued improvement of in game mods and experimental code generation. along with recreational fun

  • Benchmarking my new laptop pc. I kind of want to download this really bad and so you guys seem really thourough so im guessing its malware free

  • to play a zombie game where it allows me to be able build what ever i want and also be able to survive with the help of other players or by myself

  • play with friends and make youtube vids. also just to have fun when im bored. also to keep me entertained throughout the day plz let me install it

  • for entertainment use because i love to play video games and it makes me so happy im extremely bored half the time and think this would be a nice way to use up my time

What similar programs have you used?
  • the similar programt hat i have used was steam but it costed too much so i looked up a program that gave out this game for free and i found this

  • stuff like other things that have to do with zombies and the walking dead and then there was the pancakes in the freezer. no one will love me.

  • None yet; i hope to use more in the future as i have been recommended these types by both my sister, brother and all of my friends, they say it is great

  • none just started using this to entertain myself during free hours and play something other than grand theft auto V or call of duty but this is my first download on a p.c.

  • Played Minecraft, watched The Walking Dead. Also have tryed to use some software like UE4 + Blender 3D to make similar games, but it's not an easy thing to do...

What do you like most about this program?
  • the best download speed sounds really fun seen it played on ps4 no spyware or viruses from your servers and your downloads always available at any time

  • A.this game has everything going on and can be replayed over and over again. its got great gameplay mechanics with crafting . dayz meets minecraft

  • it is fun and i love how it looks so easy to do stuffand blue is a color so ya i am the doctor tardiness are super cool delete oh no a cyberman

  • well lets see you can get games for free which i would say is pretty dope i havent been on this program much but so far its awesome so continue what you guys do

  • survive,RPG,ACTIVE,amazing game,weave zombies,building a house,prepare guns weapons,play with friends and companies,search for communities!!


7 Days to Die is an open world sandbox videogame developed and published by The Fun Pimps. The game is exclusively available for Windows PC, OS X and Linux. This title fuses several genres such as first-person shooter, tower defense, RPG (Role Playing Game) and survival horror. 7 Days to Die makes players combat, craft items, loot, mine, explore the surroundings and develop their character’s abilities in order to be strong enough to survive the undead horde.

7 Days to Die makes your quest for survival harder as the days go by

This title starts with your character spawning into a randomly generated area with a simple (but difficult) objective: survive for as long as possible. Unlike other zombie sandbox titles, this title makes your quest for survival harder as the days go by, since the undead get tougher and more aggressive, making things more difficult given that survival aspects are pretty realistic. Your character constantly needs food and water to stay healthy and objects degrade over use, which means you have to scavenge for new items and tools as you progress.

The Last Stand

7 Days to Die offers a building system with accurate physics. You are free to create structures to defend yourself, but bear in mind that a structure with wrongly placed or inexistent supports (such as walls or pillars) will collapse, so you have to think twice before building a shelter. This title is voxel-based, which allows simple destruction and building of objects. You are free to build your own shelter or destroy an existing one to gather the materials and build your own fort. Zombies are violent and relentless; they will destroy walls, doors and entire buildings to get to your character, so you better set up some traps and reinforce your fortress if you want to stay alive.

The game features a day and night cycle that makes the undead weak and slow during the day and aggressive when the sun goes down. This seems to be a common theme for the new wave of zombie titles, as we can see this feature in titles like Dead Rising or Dying Light. However, undead behavior seems to change slightly for each title.

7 Days to Die Full Version Features

Check out the features of this sandbox title before you download it:

  • Open world: fight your way through randomly generated scenarios and explore a vast land to gather resources
  • Realistic survival: feed your character, find water and stay healthy to survive
  • Deep building system: create your own unassailable fortress to stay safe
  • Multiplayer mode: team up with other survivors and cooperate to fend off the undead attack
  • Crafting system: create your own tools and weapons combining materials

If you are interested in this title and need further information before you download it, please visit the developer’s official website.

System Requirements

The minimum system requirements to download and run this title are:

  • Operating system: Windows XP or later
  • Processor: 2.4 GHz Dual Core CPU
  • RAM: 4 GB or higher
  • Video card: Nvidia GeForce8800 GTX or AMD equivalent
  • Hard disk: 1 GB of free space