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MixBit is a filmmaker mobile application, and at the same time it is a video sharing service with a hosting platform. Presented with the slogan Create videos together, this free app is developed by AVOS System, property of YouTube’s co-founders Steve Chen and Chad Hurley, with the goal of generating a community of video creators.

To create, find and share multimedia content

With MixBit, the idea of the developers is to make tools to help people to create, find and share multimedia content. MixBit’s users will be able to make an entire film up to one hour from their mobile device. You can shoot, trim, combine clips in an original way, and even add clips of other MixBit’s users.

Shoot directly from your phone
Shoot directly from your phone

How to use

This application is very intuitive to use. Start shooting a clip from your mobile, if it is ok, shoot another and arrange the new clips. In the main window, it shows a kind of dynamic timeline that works by pressing and dragging the clip to reorder them and build a film. In this editing window appears four basic editing buttons to Delete, Trim, Duplicate or Import and Save a file.

You will be able to make a long film, up to one hour, composed by short clips of no more than 16 seconds. The film project will be composed by a maximum of 256 short clips. Once you finish your home movie, you will be able to upload MixBit portal or to share it via Twitter or Facebook.

The great innovations of MixBit are the concepts Crowdsourcing and Crowdsharing because MixBit includes a new social way to create home movies in the community, with clips of other users. MixBit is an environment that promotes the co-creation and collaboration between users, no matter where are they and with originality.

A long film composed by shortclips
A long film composed by shortclips

Mixbit 2.0.2 Features

These are some of the features of this download:

  • It allows editing the video anytime; even once you have published it in MixBit platform
  • This application provides the capability to store not finished projects
  • It offers the function to manage many video projects at the same time
  • The entire project is composed by clips. Each clip is stored as an independent element, to enable an easy edit and remix
  • This download is a co-creation and collaboration environment
  • Share your final movie through MixBit website or via Twitter or Facebook
  • It works with drag capabilities, such as the ability to drag a clip to rearrange it or to edit the project

If you want more details about this download, feel free to check the official website .

System requirements

To install MixBit on your mobile device, the minimum system requirements are the following:

  • Operating System: Android 4.0 and iOS 6.1 or later
  • HDD Space: 16 MB of free space


MixBit is a big step for the democratization and socialization of images, characteristic of the 2.0 world because users can use the clips of other users. The ability of put together a film with several clips, allows you to highlight the narrative quality in a film, a feature that is virtually impossible with other programs such as Vine or Instagram.