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For what are you going to use the program?
  • listening to and discovering new music on my windows desktop and enjoying fan-made playlists for my favorite characters, movies and tv shows


8tracks radio is the mobile application to access the 8tracks website. 8tracks is both a music streaming service and a community, made up of more than five million users per month. This is a free online radio, recognized in 2011 within the “50 Best Websites” by the Times, and was created in 2008 by David Porter with the goal of being a social networking site dedicated to music.

All the available playlists are made by music lovers instead of by algorithms

This community allows to users discover and share music in a free, legal and simple way. The users of 8tracks radio can search music through playlists already created by another music lover, or you have the capability to create a new playlist yourself. All the playlists available on 8tracks radio are made by music lovers instead of by algorithms. You can enjoy all types of global music anytime, anywhere.

Search with the browser bar, at left
Search with the browser bar, at left

How to use

Every user has their account, with a profile and an avatar. Once you begin using this app, you can search music because it includes a browser with keywords and tags to find playlist that match your needs. The playlists have some specific characteristics, such as they have to be composed by at least 8 songs each.

With 8tracks radio, you can become a DJ by creating a mix or a playlist. Create a playlist; add titles, images, cover art, and a description with at least two tags. In this feature, the compatibility with SoundCloud is important because it provides tracks for the use of DJs. Once the mix is finished, the DJ can share the new creation through Google+ or Facebook.

In case you are a musician, you are able to promote your themes with a special account of proprietary content. With this account, you will able to have direct contact with your followers. In addition, whether you are a standard user, a creative DJ or a musician, you can save or share your creations or a playlist that you like in social network sites.

Watch profiles and follow other users
Watch profiles and follow other users

8tracks radio Features

These are the remarkable features of this app:

  • Within the social functions, you can Follow other users, Like entire mixes with the Heart or mark a song as a favorite with the Star
  • This download is available for iOS, Android and Windows 8 devices; in Swedish, Spanish, Russian, German, Portuguese, simplified and traditional Chinese, Polish, Korean, Dutch, Danish, French, Japanese, English and Italian
  • Search the music from your favorite artist, listen to a mix that includes it, discover new artists and styles filtering by genres, or listen to a playlist depending on the moment you are in
  • Share a mix through social networking sites such as Google+, Tumblr, Twitter or Facebook
  • 8tracks radio has Youtube and SoundCloud integration. 8track has compatibility with SoundCloud because you can include a song from it to a new playlist
  • You can classify the playlist using tags by genre, mood, emotion, amongst others. If you like what you are listening to, each song includes a link to iTunes, so you will be able to purchase the theme
  • It is free of audio ads
  • 8tracks radio is a legal service because it has agreements protecting the public performance of music with SESAC, ASCAP and BMI

To know more about this download, visit the official website of 8tracks radio.

Access your favorite playlists
Access your favorite playlists

System requirements

To install this download you need:

  • Operating System: Android 2.2, Windows 8 and iOS 5.1
  • HDD Space: 17.5 MB