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JumpCam is a collaborative and free video mobile app, which makes it very easy to create films with the help of friends and followers. JumpCam is ideal to catch diverse angles or points of view of the same moment or experience, via many devices from different people. Once you capture the moment with many lenses, you and your friends can put it all together and build a great video.

You can build your multimedia creation with up to 30 clips. With the collaborative feature the video continue to evolve, it won’t be frozen because you have published it. Once you upload the video, you can make subsequent changes, such as modify the order of the clips, edit the music or the filter; and these modifications will automatically update.

Watch your friends
Watch your friends' videos

How to use

Once you open JumpCam, it will show you a feed with the videos of your friends. You can add a clip and participate in a film of your contacts pressing Add clip button. The main menu is to create and modify a film and offers spaces to fill: Title, Filter, Music, Who can see and Who can collaborate.

The video continue to evolve, it won’t be frozen because you have published it

To build a film, take a shoot with the Record button, directly from JumpCam. You can take content from the gallery of your mobile and use it to your creation. This download offers different possibilities to add diverse kind of music and filters. You can add some of the predefined music or use one of your favorite songs.

With JumpCam you will be able to share the video through social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr. You can set privacy levels (who can see it or who can collaborate) and finally you can invite some contacts to cooperate with your multimedia and the people you select will get notifications of the invitation.

Adding tags
Adding tags

JumpCam 2.0.7 Features

These are the main features of JumpCam:

  • This download is very intuitive and works with dragging capabilities and selecting files
  • JumpCam is a collaborative platform and application to create videos between many people
  • Add a soundtrack from the predefined list or one of yours. JumpCam offers music themes: Bluegrass, Celebration, Dub Drop, Swagger, among others
  • JumpCam offers several free filters or effects to modify the appearance of the video: Projector, Vintage, Black&White
  • It enables to edit your video in any moment. Change the music, the order of the clips or the effect
  • You can share your multimedia creation through the principal social networking sites, via SMS or via email
  • It allows to record on-site (even with the frontal camera) or to choose a file from the mobile gallery
  • JumpCam allows you to control the privacy of the video

If you want more information to download JumpCam, visit the official website .

This is a social network
This is a social network

System requirements

To install JumpCam properly, you need at least:

  • Operating System: iOS 6.0 and Android 4.0.3 or later
  • HDD Space: 30 MB of free space