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For what are you going to use the program?
  • to view and share photos of my newest grandson with friends and family and other invited acquaintances plus others who have a genuine interest.

  • View may great granddaughter who lives in Bossier City, LA she was born on Sept. 2,2015 Her parents are Zach and Samantha Thompson and have a listing with you

  • See pictures of my granddaughter that was taken by her mother and father as she is growing up as she is only eight weeks old and lives in ok

  • Taking pictures of children to share with the family and friends showing the kids having a ton of running a variety of different environments


Lifecake is a free photo sharing service mainly targeted at families.. Lifecake was designed with the goal of sharing those special moments, the growth process and the evolution of our littlest family members. Lifecake is a network and a mobile application and at the same time is a way of social networking with some privacy settings that are limited to invited members of the family.

This application and platform is ideal for parents who don’t have time to organize the hundreds of photos and videos of their babies to create a kind of diary compound in a timeline, or a novel type of calendar. All these images will be stored in a secure cloud service, which can be accessible to invited members through their mobile devices anytime, anywhere.

The family posting comments
The family posting comments

How to use

This download is a closed social network where you can share your pictures privately with particular members of your family and friends. Lifecake organizes and stores videos and pictures, but also prepares a kind of photo book that you can print to have an analog version in your home, or to give a copy the great-grandparents.

Is a web and a mobile application and at the same time is a social networking with some privacy settings

The presentation of these special moments in the timeline is very appealing. The operative of Lifecake is as simple as choosing the picture and adding a tag and date information. It is ideal for all kind of users. Once a new picture is uploaded to the Lifecake timeline, your family will receive a notification from the application on the phone and in their email account.

When the users of Lifecake visit the timeline, they can leave comments and messages or add they own pictures. The star of Lifecake is its timeline. This is a system of organization visual and accessible that has been achieved through the use of metadata associated with the photobook file. To function suitably, it needs correct tagging of the pictures.

A timeline and a new kind of calendar
A timeline and a new kind of calendar

Lifecake 2.2.6 Features

These are some of the features of Lifecake:

  • Lifecake makes a nice photobook from boring photo folders, photobooks with up to 80 pages. It is for a fee, and you will be able to edit the images and the album appearance
  • It is easy and quick, you will save time
  • It is a free and private service
  • The organization of your images in a timeline chronologically
  • Lifecake offers 1 GB of free storage; if you need 100 GB you must contract the Premium service
  • It organizes and stores photo and video folders of big sizes. Secure storage system based in Cloud
  • This download offers an option to show a presentation with the ten most popular photos shaking the mobile device
  • Lifecake is a service to share digital memories in a secure way. It is secure and it only shares with whom you have authorized

To get more information about Lifecake, check the official website .

Add a story to the picture that you upload
Add a story to the picture that you upload

System requirements

To install this download, the minimum system requirements are:

  • Operating System: Android 2.2 and iOS 5.0
  • HDD Space: 31 MB