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Tunester 1.1.1

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Tunester is a free music player designed for Android devices. Presented by the developers as the world’s easiest music player, Tunester is very handy and supports touch gestures. It has a contemporary design what makes it nice, simple but clear and minimalist, providing a superb and visual user experience.

You won’t be able to create playlists, but its navigability is so intuitive that you will not miss it. All the songs are organized in an alphabetic Library with a dragging bar that is organized by artist, genre or album. When you navigate through Tunester, it shows you with a big letter where you are.

A simple action such as searching a song is very easy and is performed in few gestures

Once you download Tunester, you have to scroll into your tunes and press in the artist you want to hear. You have to order your playlist previously by album, song or artist. Tunester consumes less system resources than other player apps, and this means more battery duration for your mobile.

The Library is organized by artist
The Library is organized by artist

How to use

The operatiion of Tunester is simple; it is an unpretentious list of songs organized by artist, genre or album, and through which you are going to navigate quickly and easily. A simple action such as searching for a song is very easy and is performed in few gestures. The player also is based on the direction of the swipe to play, pause, shuffle, go to the next or previous a song.

As a new feature, Tunester doesn’t provide a Back button because it is part of the Dynamic list interface, which is a new kind of interface, very nice way of working through one single list of songs in a unique screen. This sort of interface is additionally known as auto-collapse and is designed with the idea to manage with one hand.

In the bottom of the screen of Tunester, there is a dragging space where you can choose the next artist to listen to, going one by one with your finger. This is Upnext option, for listening to music in a flow. Tunester has always got miniplayer controls present on the screen. When you select a song the interface changes the screen to one that says now playing.

All the information on the same screen
All the information on the same screen

Tunester 1.1.1 Features

The following are the main features of Tunester:

  • This download offers Shuffle mode to display without a pattern. It also offers the Play Track Once option
  • Its easy handling is comparable to managing an iPod
  • The miniplayer controls are always present on the screen. It shows the time elapsed or the time remaining
  • With a minimalist concept, and very elegant, Tunester shows you the album cover.
  • This is simple but very good app that provides easy controls and is free
  • You have to previously order your playlists by the category you prefer
  • In the near future updates are expected to be added: the manager of playlists, notification controls and a widget

If you require more knowledge about this app before downloading Tunester, visit the official website .

Miniplayer in the bottom of the screen
Miniplayer in the bottom of the screen

System requirements

To install correctly Tunester, it is required to have:

  • Operating System: Android 2.3
  • RAM Memory: 20 MB
  • HDD Space: 3.7 MB

  • Tunester is easy to use, comparable with an iPod’s operation
  • It provides a new way of work, the auto-collapse interface
  • You can access all the content through one screen
  • Tunester is very minimalist and visual appealing
  • It is a free application
  • Tunester doesn’t include effects such as EQ