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By Joeli Mut

On Tuesday, March 29, 2016

xbox music makes it easy to manage all the songs that you love and enjoy the most and put them all into one place.This is how it works in case you have any mp3 music in your phone you can upload it to one drive and then acess them from your groove all for free.There is the groove music pass that allows the user to stream and get all the latest music from all over the world.The music on groove also allows you to listen in from your pc or your tablet and the most eciting bit of it is the fact that as you listen to this music there are no ads that are displayed here.Even itunes music can be can be as well downloaded in the onedrive account and then you can access you music from groove.There are no difficulties whatsover that are encountered while accessing xbox music i think it is the best app ever for sreaming and downloading any music.


  • it has an amazing and intresting look
  • you can upload music from your onedrive account


  • it does not have any so special features
Ease to access guides and manuals:




Xbox Music is a mobile application developed by Microsoft Corporation, and designed to access the music streaming service and cross platform Xbox Music Pass. This app enables you to enjoy free music from your smartphone; though it is required to have an account in Xbox Music Pass service. This is a music player that provides one of the biggest digital music catalogues of the market.

All your music will be able in your profile through any of your devices

This cross-platform is the evolution of Zune service and provides the most common features of this kind of service: cloud storage where you can create your own playlists with online music or songs updated from your computer. You will enjoy creating and listening radio based in artists, with an easy system to discover music, with extra information such as pictures, editorials, biography, and related artists, among others.

Artist extra information
Artist extra information

How to use

The interface is visual and allows you to explore, play and download the music themes you want via streaming. Play songs an unlimited number of times, without advertisements; and manage your music collection. To purchase music is very easy; the Music Store of Xbox is always available and offers a catalog with more than 18 million songs.

In your account, you will be capable of creating your own radio station dedicated to your favorite artists, or to add your favorite music from CDs or your PC. Being cross-platform it provides cloud storage, so there is no need to sync your smartphone. All your music will be able in your profile through any of your devices.

It offers two services: Standard and Premium. Standard service offers free music, but it is limited to ten hours per month and a maximum of six months. Premium service is unlimited, but it works with a subscription per month or per year. It offers the capability to download a file with the music you want.

Xbox Music 2.1.40124 Features

These are the main features of Xbox Music:

  • This is a cross-platform, meaning that you can access it through your computer, Xbox 360, your tablet or smartphone, and you need an account
  • It offers a free music streaming service with millions of songs
  • You will be able to create customized radio stations based in your favorite artists
  • The music library and playlists will sync automatically, to access through any of your devices
  • You will be able to acquire tunes and albums
  • It provides a great user experience that is very visual. All the music is accompanied with tons of pictures of the artists and extra information
  • It offers an offline mode. Get the music you want with a previous download, and enjoy them without Internet connection or in plane mode
  • It is available in English, Swedish, Bokmal, Danish, Spanish, Norwegian, Portuguese, Italian, Dutch, Finnish, German and French
  • It was created as an alternative to iTunes and iTunes Match service
  • It is compatible with Smart DJ, to mix unlimited music

If you want specific information about this application, visit the official website .

Enjoy without Internet connection with the offline mode
Enjoy without Internet connection with the offline mode

System requirements

To install Xbox Music is required:

  • Operating System: Xbox 360, Android 4.0, Windows Phone 8 and iOS 6.0 or later
  • HDD Space: 9.5 MB