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Learn The Shooting Techniques While You Entertain Yourself With Bubble Witch Saga

By Reka Gimbi

On Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Bubble witch saga is the sister to Candy crush saga and Farm heroes saga among many. Made and released by King.com this game is as addictive as the rest. This is a puzzle adventure where you have to aim and fire to make a score. It is completely free to download and instal the you can be playing freely whenever you feel like, but when you exhaust your moves you can purchase some more or wait for sometime for more moves. Most of King.com games needs matching with no exception of Bubble witch where you have to match the bubbles of the same color and they must be three or more then destroy them. In order to win you must destroy all the bubbles.

The world of bubbles in this game is cursed and so bubble witch has some withes who go round it undoing the curses in order to make the place free. In this game you have to help the witches. While playing this game and after completing a level you are given stars to show how you performed, three stars being the highest. As you proceed the game becomes harder making it a hard game but motivating you because you want to see what is ahead so you have to keep on playing. But be cautioned that lives are very important in this game since if you lose a life you fail and failing means you do not go to the next level, so play the best and score more and connect to your friend on facebook to be sharing lives.


  • Can see your scores as you proceed
  • It has different levels to keep the game moving
  • Has boosters to help in completing a level


  • Very much addictive especially if you lose on a level and you want more adventure
  • Game becomes harder as you proceed
Ease to access guides and manuals:




For what are you going to use the program?
  • Entertain children and friends for good purposes, laughter, competition and whatever are you needing all this information for just to get a free download

  • to play after work, and I have got bored playing Bubble witch 2 as it has got too difficult, hope fully 3 will start slightly easier . yipee

  • As far as I know it will be for playing games, is that not the whole point of this very long unnecessary process? Why do I have to write a book to download a game?

  • on my desk top computer so I can play at home on a bigger screen. I have trouble with eyesight on my phone and this would make it more convenient for me.

  • to play this fun exciting game that my friend has in her phone i want to relax and enjoy this masterpiece by the game developers who also did candycrush

What similar programs have you used?
  • I have also used Bubble Withch one aand two, Blossom Blast, Poppa Pear . I am not fond of candycrush as I don't like timed games but thoroughly enjoy farm heroes.

  • I'm getting a message that my text is too short so Iguess I'll keep typing until I have enough charaters. I have also used bubble witch one and two

  • Candy Crush Saga is a game I just started playing a few weeks ago and when I hit a level that stumps me I try Bubble Witch, I find it fun!!.

  • There is nothing like bubble witch saga, nothing as fun or captivating. Really enjoy the program! Thanks to all that created this awesome game!!!

What do you like most about this program?
  • Very Entertaining, characters are believableHave played for hours over the last 12 months, without losing interest. Had advanced to 156, when I lost connection. Hope this is enough for your needs.

  • Bubble Witch Saga overall has been one of the most exciting ,refreshing game of our time hence i tell most of my friends to have it or miss out.

  • keep you on the edge of your seat, can't put it down always waiting to get your lives built back up to keep playing helping stella win her games

  • Youwhat eI have enjoyed the game but I need to play nowlse do you want me to say?r question is frivolous and a waste of my time and annoying

  • it helps me to stay cathe down load is always avail at the best download speed and the file is free of spyware and virusesm and keep in good spirt all day long


Bubble Witch Saga is one of the several games released by King.com. After its success with the social network Facebook, this game has been developed and published for mobile platforms. Bubble Witch Saga is a bubble shooter in which you have to match three or more bubbles of the same color in order to make them pop until there are no more bubbles on the screen. In addition, this shooter game has a bit of background story. Three witches, Luna, Hazel and Selma, travel throughout the world with the job of undoing curses and damnations.

Three witches, Luna, Hazel and Selma, travel throughout the world with the job of undoing curses and damnations

You will have to help them win the potions challenges to release the earth from curses. If you connect your Bubble Witch Saga with your Facebook account, you will be able to compete against your Facebook friends and try to reach the top positions of the leaderboard. In addition, you can earn more lives or ask friends to help you.

Graphically speaking, this app is very well done, and we cannot expect anything less from King.com. High quality graphics will allow us to see our friends, the three witches with their cauldron and a dark cemetery in the background. Three cute cats will give you the clues and keys to correctly play.

Pop all the bubbles
Pop all the bubbles

Spells, curses, charms, witches and cats

The gameplay is quite similar to other puzzle shooters that have been released years ago, but now, with the touch devices apparition and the addition of the well know power-ups, something has changed. This shooter game starts easy, making you think that it will be as easy as a piece of cake, but don't be a fool, dear player; Bubble Witch Saga is one of those games that are easy to play yet difficult to master. This level of difficulty is what makes this adventure very addictive. Every time you play, you learn something, and you know that you can do it better, and if is not so, you can always purchase more lives or power-ups.

You will need to earn the stars to unlock the next levels. Depending on how well you have done it, you will earn up to three stars. You will have a limited number of bubbles to shoot on your cannon, so be smart and do not waste them. If you run out of bubbles, you will lose a life, and if you do not reach the goal, you will lose a life, too. As you can see, losing a life is very easy.

I know that this app can be a bit annoying since you can run out of lives quite fast, and if you do not have Facebook friends or money to purchase more, you are stuck some time before the lives reappear. For this reason, I will give you some tips to make easier experience your. First of all, take into account that bubbles bounce on the walls, and this can be very useful to reach hard positions. In addition, you will get more points if you make bubbles drops instead of pop, especially if you have spider multipliers.

Bubble Witch Saga 3.1.3 Features

The main features of Bubble Witch Saga are listed below:

  • More than 500 levels to play and more each time the app is updated
  • Leaderboard to see the global scores
  • Pop as many bubbles as you can to get the three stars
  • Power-ups to help you complete those difficult levels
  • Facebook connection to ask for help to your friends: they can give you lives, coins, etc.
  • Reach the goals to complete the levels and do not lose lives

If you are interested in Bubble Witch Saga and you want more information before you download the app, feel free to visit the .

Potions, Charms and more can help you complete some levels
Potions, Charms and more can help you complete some levels

System Requirements

To download this app to your Android device, the minimum system requirements are:

  • Operating System: Android 2.2 FroYo or later
  • Free Space: 23 MB available

The minimum requirements to download the app to your iOS device are:

  • Operating System: iOS 4.3 or later
  • Free Space: 31.5 MB available