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Scribblenauts Remix is an action puzzle mobile game developed by 5th Cell along with Iron Galaxy Studios. It has been published by Warner Bros. Interactive. It is a puzzle adventure where you have to use your imagination to help all people you encounter on your way and collect all the Starites. The outstanding thing that differentiates this title from other videogames is its gameplay. You can summon almost everything you want just by typing it on the screen. This way, a red evil fast flying unicorn can appear on your screen when you want and be your transport throughout the adventure.

You can summon almost everything you want just by typing it on the screen

Our hero, Maxell, must undertake a journey to collect all the far-flung Starites.More than 20,000 nouns can be summoned, excluding only proper nouns, abstract things and adult words. In addition, all can be modified by using adjectives such as giant, pink or even almighty. However, in regards to proper nouns it is not strict since you can summon George Washington or Cthulu, but not Peter my neighbor. The graphics are like a cartoon comic, as if all were made from separated pieces. Every environment is full of color and even when it does not have the realism factor; it will be very funny discovering all the details of the items and places.

Adjectives, adjectives and more adjectives

There are 50 levels in which you are free to release all your imagination. Thanks to the addition of adjectives, the app has become much more interesting than the previous installments for console platforms. This way, you can change the size, color, attitude, etc. and create a completely new character. Usually, summoning a T-Rex is not a good idea since once it is created; it will be destroying everything it encounters. However, if instead of simply typing T-Rex you type "loving blue small T-Rex" you will have a lovely creature that can be your pet along the game.

In addition, the AI of the generated creatures is not very smart but it has a preprogrammed behavior that can be very entertaining. Thus, you can create Cthulu, which is usually very aggressive, and God, and watch how they fight to death. Also, is you summon a cat and also a mouse, the cat will immediately chase the mouse, and the mouse will flee in terror. You can also create items or weapons to help you in the adventure. Summon a pair of dragon wings to wear them and fly through the screen, or summon a burning magical sword to fight against the monster or creature that is guarding the Starite (or, if you do not feel like fighting, create a bazooka).

Scribblenauts Remix 5.60 Features

The outstanding features of Scribblenauts Remix are listed below:

  • More than 50 levels to play and more with the upgrades
  • Ten levels completely unseen in the previous games
  • Smooth controls in which you have to tap where you want our hero Maxwell to go
  • More than 20,000 objects can be summoned without taking into account the adjectives you can add
  • Connection with social networks to share your creations

If you are interested in Scribblenauts Remix and you want to know more about it before you download this puzzle game, please visit the official website .

System Requirements

The minimum requirements to download this app on your Android device are:

  • Operating System: Android 3.0 Honeycomb or later
  • Free Space: 187 MB available

To download the app to your iOS device, the requirements are:

  • Operating System: iOS 4.3 or later
  • Free Space: 178 MB available