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For what are you going to use the program?
  • This software is for product screen transition effects with 3d animation and producing video animation in a very competitive way to attract the people.

  • education purpose to teach students what a university is offering them in maldives in many campus with a very slight little fee and short time.

  • Crating movie on my web page to full fill my school assignment. please help me for downloading this soft ware. I will try a lot but still un sucessfull.

  • I am amateur photo and videographer. I want to put some text with animation and slideshows in my home video projects. I found Swishmax worth.

  • to make flach player and play my gallery photos in special program to share with my freinds on the differnt social media and enoy making amazing flaches on biferrent issues

What similar programs have you used?
  • I have searching swish only for my work. Because it's easy to use and attractive formations with effect .output file convert for other project

  • to make a comecial thatthuis softwareis very funny and usaly i agree to use this and thank to team work i have need to full version plz send me serial no

  • photoshop is very useful for people who like to edit in pictures and add effect on it, Also you can add some brushes, pattren, jeltter, style and so on

  • Adobe Image Ready and many other programmes. Some may not be able to easily comprehend and some are ok. I hope this programme will be useful

  • adobe after effect, but i prefer swish max because it is easier to manauver , thank you so much for this free copy of this great and software

What do you like most about this program?
  • user friendly can be learned very fast no technical back ground need even school kids can work on it most beautiful and handy software for me


SwishMax 4 is the new and renovated version of this flash animation creator. Easier and cheaper than the original Adobe Flash, SwishMax 4 let us create incredible text animation effects without complicated programming line codes. Make your creations explode, move, wave or fall and complete it with sounds with just few mouse clicks.

Create text, shapes, movie clips, motion paths or buttons for web sites. SwishMax 4 has multiple pre-sets for novice users and scripting options for advanced animators. Just imagine your design and start using all the provided tools to make it real. SwishMax 4 will generate the necessary files and codes to upload your creations online.

Multiple image and text tools
Multiple image and text tools

How to Use

SwishMax 4 is an animation creator based on the well know Adobe Flash. Actually their interface is mostly identical. SwishMax 4 is not as powerful as Adobe’s but instead it has a better and easier learning curve. With many layers and a thousand free tutorials to use, SwishMax4 it’s the best solution for all animator beginners.

SwishMax has more than 150 incorporated effects to make your text, graphics, images and sound as easy as possible. The software is well thought out for website developers. Create logos, text, animated buttons or interactive movies and publish it online. SwishMax 4 generates the necessary files to easily create your website. The software export as SWF, is the same file format used by Adobe’s Flash, so your work will be compatible with almost all Internet users without any plug-in downloads.

SwishMax 4 lets us create incredible text animation effects without complicated programming line codes

SwishMax 4 is a really easy program to learn. There are multiple free online tutorials to master it, but for advanced users there are options for scripting. In addition, the program includes different drawing tools. It has everything you need to generate your animations just as you imagined.

SWiSH Max 4 Features

This is a 15-day trial version. Check the latest SwishMax 4 features for the full version:

  • Create advanced and easy Flash animations
  • 380 Multimedia effects
  • 300 components and vector shapes that are ready-to-use
  • Image, sound, video and graphic support
  • Export your work on Flash, EXE, GIF and video format
  • Script support for advanced users
  • Image and text tools
  • Multiple templates for novice users
  • Morphing tool
  • Image effects: glow, blur…
  • Enhanced workflow

For more information about SwishMax 4, before downloading, feel free to check .

Export your work on Flash, EXE, GIF and video format
Export your work on Flash, EXE, GIF and video format

System Requirements

Before downloading, please check the minimum system requirements to run Swish Max 4:

  • Operating System: Windows XP with Service Pack 2 installed. It is valid for OS working on 32 and 64 bit versions
  • Processor: Pentium/AMD or IBM compatible, 900 MHZ or greater
  • RAM: a minimum of 512 MB is required
  • Graphic card: 1024x768 display with 16-bit
  • Last Adobe Flash Player version must be installed on your system

  • Large amount of presets
  • Perfect for title animation
  • Price
  • Really easy to use compared to Adobe Flash...
  • … but somewhat far away from the market leader.