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Acoustica Mixcraft Recording Studio 7



The power to compose audio and video files using Acoustica Mixcraft Recording Studio 7

By Angel Angeles

On Tuesday, June 9, 2015

No matter whether you are a professional music producer or even a beginner, Acoustica Mixcraft Recording Studio will be there to help you produce wonderful audio and video files. This is a digital audioworkstation which has been developed by Acoustica Inc. it will help users compose a theme very fast dueto its music loops, effects and virtual instruments.It comes with a very intuitive user interface which has quick accesses and drop down menus as well as drag capabilities all aimed at making recording faster. Users can also operate it suing key board shortcuts.To make it better users are able to import music loops from external drives and storages in order to increase their available loopsWith its large variety of recording tools, instruments and effects, one can record as many files as they want both in audio or MIDI tracks. After recording, users can use available tools to edit their files. This will include modification of track volumes r even making a mix from the recorded music


  • It can be used both by beginners and professional while giving good end results
  • Ability to import music loops from external devices to enlarge loop library makes it wonderful
  • Works both in audio and MIDI formats and allows simultaneous recording
  • Available in a wide variety of languages


  • Supported by windows XP or later only
Ease to access guides and manuals:




Acoustica Mixcraft Recording Studio, also known as Mixcraft and developed by Acoustica Inc., is a DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) designed for music producers and beginners, and it is presented by the creators as The Speed of Sound. Mixcraft provides a number of music loops, effects and virtual instruments to allow you compose a theme from scratch.

It also enables the audio and video edition

This download was built for speed, to make the most of your inspiration so that you don't waste time on distractions such as the need of a plug-in or an instrument. Mixcraft has an intuitive interface with quick accesses, drop-down menus and drag capabilities to increase pace of the workflow. It operates with keyboard shortcuts.

How to use

The visuals are appealing, and it has a professional interface, with very comprehensive functions and high-contrast graphics. This software is wide and offers plenty of tools to record in an unlimited number of audio and MIDI tracks, and an unlimited number of instruments and effects. It also enables the audio and video edition. Mixcraft provides virtual instruments and complete samples of an acoustic MIDI instruments’ library.

You can import more loops from a CD or your computer memory with the goal of expanding your loop Library. Once you finish an edit, you can block it to continue your work without a worry. The waveform has the option to modify the volume of the track, but Mixcraft offers several notation tools, to create or edit MIDI data. Draw your percussion sample with Drum maps, change the pitch or make a mix.

Acoustica Mixcraft Recording Studio includes automation functions to control effects parameters in the Master track, such as panning or volume. It allows for grouping audio and MIDI tracks in the Submix track. Each track is customizable and you can even add a picture or change the color. In each track, there is a built-in noise reducer.

This is a tool to typing music
This is a tool to typing music

Acoustica Mixcraft Recording Studio 7 Features

The following are the main features of Acoustica Mixcraft Recording Studio:

  • It can record in multi-takes and detects the tempo, keys and beat location. It offers classic editing functions
  • This download works with audio and MIDI, allowing for the recording of multiple tracks simultaneously
  • It offers the ability to work with an unlimited number of tracks and each track has built-in a guitar tune
  • Mixcraft is loaded with more than six thousand professional loops (without Copyright), effects and music styles
  • This software provides eleven virtual acoustic and electric instruments
  • It offers a very low latency, and it is compatible with Apple Garage Band and Acid WAV
  • It offers twenty five powerful filters and effects to apply to tracks, such as EQ, reverb, delay, amplifier or chorus, amongst others.
  • Mixcraft is available in Chinese, English, Spanish, Russian, Danish, Portuguese, Dutch, Norwegian, French and German
  • This download is compatible with video and offers a basic video editor to create clips
  • It supports VTS instruments, amongst many other advanced features
  • Mixcraft offers a free trial

To get more information about this program, feel free to visit the developer’s website .

User your MIDI tool to compose music
User your MIDI tool to compose music

System requirements

If you are interested in ways to produce music with this program, you need:

  • Operating System: Windows XP (32 bit) or later
  • Processor: Intel Corel of 1 GHz
  • RAM Memory: 1GB
  • A sound card and a sound dispositive are required. It is compatible with DirectX and VST
  • HDD Space: 140 MB of free space