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FastStone Image Viewer 5.7

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For what are you going to use the program?
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FastStone Image Viewer, even though its name indicates it, is not only a photo viewer. It is a more complete program able to edit, retouch and manage images with multiple tools, effects and possibilities. With the conventional photo manager characteristics included, FastStone also includes a bunch of innovations, making it a nice solution for anyone who wants to organize their image and video files and give them a personal final touch in the easiest way possible.

The whole FastStone Image Viewer is a non-commercial software, easy to download and install. The program is compatible with most of the Internet photo formats, so you won't have any problem preparing your personal pictures for social media networks, or to send them via email. Organize all your pictures by dates, names, or even sizes, and protect them from duplications and losses.


How to Use

FastStone is a Windows-based photo viewer and organizer. Its interface is actually based on different windows, where you can see and manage every tool and option. It is written on Embarcadero Delphi, an integrated development environment (IDE), and is provided for non-commercial use only in a multilingual version.

The whole software is based on the user-friendly idea and we will check it as soon as we start to use it

Once you install FastStone on our computer, you are ready to go. The whole software is based on the user-friendly premise, and you can check it as soon asyou start to use it. On the left side of the UI there is a preview screen where you will see your picture, and over it a small window with all the files and folders on your computer. The big screen on the right works like Windows and lets you check small thumbnails of your pictures and videos, and manage your folders, creating, deleting or changing names.

All the effects and tool will be applied in external windows, thanks to the Tool option on the main bar menu. FastStone Image Viewer is well known for its color management and for its massive graphic format support. Apart from all the basic image-editing tools like cropping or resizing, the program includes over 150 effects, such as red-eye removal, clone brush and side-by-side comparison tool, and is quite nice for slide show creations.

Slide show option with different transitions and music effects
Slide show option with different transitions and music effects

FastStone Image Viewer 5.7 Features

Before you download, check the latest features for this latest version:

  • Very complete package of tools and effects
  • Nice video management
  • Enhanced organization and management tools
  • Google Maps and Google Earth compatibility
  • Print your pictures straight from FastStone
  • Enhanced curve management tools
  • Many bugs corrected
  • Slide show option with different transitions and music effects

For more information about this program, please check developers’ website .

Enhanced organization and manage tools
Enhanced organization and manage tools

System Requirements

FastStone Image Viewer basically works in every computer that supports Windows XP or higher. As we said, the program works like the operating system, with different widows that show all the browser options and displays the photos on different sizes and all the possible options and tools to edit and retouch them as we wish.

  • Compatible with most image formats
  • Good color management
  • Completely free for personal use
  • Really easy to use
  • Windows integration needs to be polished