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ProShow Gold 6 5.0.3310

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For what are you going to use the program?
  • for making picture slideshow using pictures.ithink proshow gold can help me.i found that it contains veriteis of tools and brillient it

  • to enhance my knowledge in using MOVIE MAKER, i love creating sets of film for my family gathering and bonding, pro show is really nice and easy to use

  • to make a short movie about birthday of our relationship to my boyfriend, i hope he will be happy and love what i will do for him. Thank you

  • for do videos about a famous person this program its great and very complete for that thankyou!! la conchisima puta de tu madre!!! quiero ddd

  • i want make slideshow through this slide show making software. i need make a big or bulk work to complete of video editing so it helps to meke

What similar programs have you used?
  • The similar programs I have used is Windows Movie Maker, which really not bad in using photos to create stunning and beautiful slideshows and

  • i have used windows media player that was nice but i need more option like transition and animation fade in fade out options and slow motion

What do you like most about this program?
  • To create my own vedios and transfere audio to vedio I wish that I can get a good results with this program many thanks for your help to me

  • I like it because it can create nice effects with the slide show. It is interesting to make especially a video presentation. This would greatly help me a lot.

  • I will use pro show gold to edit videos and make my own video creative and beautiful. it will also help in my studies as a computer education student

  • i can design my own sequence of pictures and in the process move them around until they fit what i want to express and comunicate, it is a grat program

  • I like the effects of it especially when my classmates use it for our class presentation during the discussion. It has very unique qualities


Stop annoying your friends and family with long, tedious photo slideshows about your holidays. ProShow Gold 6 is the final answer to that boring and uncomfortable trap. Create incredible, animated slideshows with animations and effects, and you will see how they will ask you to watch it again and again.

With all the tools that you need, your imagination is the only limit. 280 transitions, 75 effects and the possibility to add and edit music and sounds. ProShowGold 6 is one of the best programs to create incredible slideshows and share it wherever you want. Even Photodex has an incredible support system to help you with every step.

How to use

Latest versions of ProShow were basically illogical interfaces full of options and really unintuitive for novice editors. With ProShow Gold 6 Photodex has tried to eliminate its program problems and has completely changed the whole interface to a new, clean and intuitive one. ProShow Gold 6 is still a quite difficult program to master but at least now is easier to begin with.

ProShow Gold 6 is basically a software to create animated slideshows for your images and pictures. With thousands of effects it is one of the most complete programs for that purpose. Apart from that, the software includes the possibility of adding music and sound to your creation to make it as animated as possible. The software is compatible with many file formats so you will never lack a program to start working.

280 transitions, 75 effects and the possibility to add and edit music and sound

Sharing your slideshows was never so easy. ProShow Gold 6 is able to export your work in many ways. If you have a CD, DVD or Blu-Ray drive, the software will make you a disc to play everywhere you go with no formatting problems. Even ProShow Gold 6 is able to share your slideshows through the most important social networks.

Maximum control for Effects
Maximum control for Effects

ProShow Gold 6 5.0.3310 Features

Check the latest Features for ProShow Gold 6:

  • Enhanced adjustment Effects
  • Maximum control for Effects
  • New and multiple Fonts with OTF Support
  • Improvements on Time-saving Caption
  • Customized caption motion
  • Free app to publish your slideshows on iPhone/iPad
  • Visualize your work on TV or computer
  • Import your photos from your smartphone
  • Add audio to your slideshows
  • Import pictures from social networks
  • Enhanced interface
  • More than 75 new effects and menus
  • Includes DVD, Blu-rays and EXEs menus and themes

For more information about ProShow Gold 6, after downloading, feel free to check the developer’s website .

Customized caption motion
Customized caption motion

System Requirements

Before downloading, please check the minimum system requirements and discover if your computer can run ProShow Gold 6:

  • Operating System: Windows XP or higher (Windows RT is not supported)
  • Processor: 1GHz
  • Hard Drive: 70 MB HDD space
  • RAM: at least 1GB
  • Graphic Card: 1024x768 display, with Accelerated 3D graphics and 64MB RAM
  • DirectX 8.0
  • DVD writer drive +R/RW/-R/RW

ProShow Gold 6 is not a 64-bit app, but it can be installed on 64-bit machines.

The software is compatible with Blu-Ray writers

  • Compatible with multiple file formats
  • 200 transitions and 75 new effects
  • Video and audio editing tools
  • Quite complicated to master
  • Long installation process