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  • editing pdf and its very practical and I like to use in my researchers, because I can highlighted the text in a easy way. It change my life for better


Foxit Reader is a PDF viewer that includes editing and printing capabilities. It allows you to read, create, sign, annotate, scan and print PDF documents, and fill out PDF forms. It has positioned itself as a reliable alternative to the popular Adobe viewer, as it includes similar functions and uses fewer resources. However, some users have criticized it for its basic full screen mode, which lacks fundamental navigation buttons, and its poor translation system.

It allows reading, creating, signing, annotating, scanning and printing of PDF documents, and filling out PDF forms

Its interface has been simplified, and it has a ribbon style toolbar, just like in Microsoft Office 2013. It provides several viewing modes, including Read Mode, Text View or Reverse View. Similarly, you can choose in which way you want the page to be displayed, selecting single page or continuous scrolling for instance. Also, you can rotate or zoom in and out. If you need to visualize more than one document at the same time, Foxit Reader will open them in different tabs, so you do not have to move from one window to another. In case you usually load these files online, this viewer has plugins for the most important web browsers. In the upper right corner you will see a small ad that you can deactivate by going to View menu and disabling the Advertisement option.

In View tab, you can select Rotate to change the position of the document
In View tab, you can select Rotate to change the position of the document

More than just visualizing PDFs

With Foxit Reader, you can create PDFs and make them interactive by embedding images and video. You have two options to do this, either through one-click creation or drag and drop creation. Also, you can set document information, and establish keywords that will make it easy to find when you have to search for it. Foxit Reader allows you to fill PDF and XFA forms, and use an auto-complete function, which predicts the words you are going to type based on previous actions you performed. Regarding collaboration and online sharing capabilities, this program integrates social networks and applications like SharePoint and Evernote. Similarly, you can send an e-mail directly from the interface without going online, and give feedback for other documents by adding annotations, drawings, and even stamps.

You can decide whether to use a ribbon or classical style for your interface
You can decide whether to use a ribbon or classical style for your interface

Foxit Reader lets you sign PDFs in your own handwriting and protect your signature with a password. Also, this program integrates DocuSign services. When it comes to protection, Foxit Reader will warn you if a PDF is trying to run an external command, giving you the choice to stop executing it. Its Trust Manager function allows operating in a safe mode. Besides, it has a digital signatures verification system in order to ensure they are real, and it allows you to disable JavaScript as well.

Foxit Reader Features

The unique features of Foxit Reader are the following:

  • Multi-document viewing performed by tabs use
  • Create interactive PDFs by embedding images and video
  • Social networks, Evernote and SharePoint integration
  • Possibility of filling forms and importing or exporting them
  • Trust Manager function to run PDFs in a Safe Mode
  • Possibility of adding digital signatures and protecting them with a password
  • Rotation and Zooming capabilities
  • Diverse viewing modes and page display options
  • Rulers and grids available
  • Possibility of adding and editing bookmarks
  • Built-in text browser used to search for an exact word or phrase
  • Listen to your PDF content thanks to the Read Out Loud function
  • Free downloadable add-ons for your web browsers

If you want to read more about Foxit Reader before you download it, feel free to visit the developer’s site.

System Requirements

The minimum system requirements to download and install Foxit Reader are:

  • Operating System: Windows XP or newer
  • Processor: 1.3 GHz
  • RAM Memory: 512 MB
  • HDD: 1GB of free space available
  • 1024x768 screen resolution