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For what are you going to use the program?
  • remixing some of my music i have made over the past three years and i think it would benefit my production of music even more with these remixes


Pacemaker is one of the first portable DJ systems and it was created in 2008. It is a music mixer and it has released an iPad and BlackBerry version, also known as Pacemaker. This software is a free DJ application designed for touch tablets and developed by Pacemaker Music AB. The application is comprehensive, and it covers almost all the functions you'll need to create a big DJ session in live.

If you have an iPad or a BlackBerry 10 device, and you are a DJ (no matter if you are a novice) you will be able to conduct a spectacular performance and to make nice mixes. The best of Pacemaker's iPad version is that you can use Spotify music and the themes you have in the iTunes of your tablet as raw material.

The interface of Pacemaker is very straightforward to use but very effective, with a great design and charming touch functions: drag, swipe or scroll the screen to control the effects. Pacemaker includes a touchable and intelligent couple of decks from which control the songs, make mixes, apply effects, beats and loops; dominate tempos and synchronizations, amongst others.

Apply the effects swiping
Apply the effects swiping

How to use

The track list on the Music tab offers access to your iTunes and to Spotify account. You have to select a song to each deck by color: red for the right deck and blue for the left deck. Pacemaker’s program window offers a halved screen; two tracks, two portions of the screen, two decks, and two drivers. Pacemaker offers the waveform of the each track at the top of the screen. This information is useful to visualize the exact moment of the song where you must apply or kill effects.

You can use Spotify music and the themes you have in the iTunes of your tablet as raw material

The most enjoyable part of this mixer are the decks, the stars of Pacemaker. They work as proper decks but also as drivers of the applicable effects. Pacemaker's drivers emulate the scrolling operation of the iPod wheel. If you desire to apply an effect, such as Reverb, select the Reverb icon on the side of the track where you want it, and scroll to the right direction. The more scroll to the right, the more effect you will apply.

This download includes an Equalizer, the option to make crossfades and scratches. You can expand the effects of Pacemaker by buying more plug-ins. You can add Echo, Roll, Reverb, Time Strech, loops, Pitch Bend, amongst others. Beatmatch tool allows you to synchronize the phase and the tempo of both tracks instantly, pressing SYNC button.

Track lists with the music of Spotify and iTunes
Track lists with the music of Spotify and iTunes

Pacemaker 1.3.1 Features

The following are the main features of this download:

  • You can add more effects to Pacemaker, such as Reverb, Loop, Beatskip, Hi-Lo, Echo or Roll. This application is free, but these plug-ins are for a fee. You can add each plug-in separately or purchase the Value Pack, which contains all these effects
  • Get music from Spotify or iTunes. Once you download Pacemaker's iPad version of this mixer, it offers the opportunity to try Spotify for free
  • To create jumps and stutters in the song, Beatskip offers 8 numbers of beats, ranging from -4 to +4. Half forwards and half backwards. To skip a beat press BeatSkip button
  • EQ. Adjust sound dynamics parameters (Treble, Middle and Bass) with equalizers
  • Scratch. With the needle tool of Pacemaker, you will be able to add Scratch effects during your performance
  • Crossfade. Adjust the transitions between tracks
  • Time Stretch. Manage the speed of each track but respecting the pitch
  • Kill All. If you want to turn off all the effects and EQ applied, press a single button
  • You can find effects pressing the P-button
  • Loop button launch to deck the option to apply a loop. Loop offers 8 different breadths to apply: 8, 4, 1, ½, ¼, 1/8, 1/16
  • Pre listen to a track dragging down the headphones button

To obtain more information about Pacemaker, check the official website .

Main window with 2 decks and waveforms
Main window with 2 decks and waveforms

System requirements

The minimum system requirements to install Pacemaker are the following:

  • Operating System: iOS 7.0 and BlackBerry 10
  • HDD Space: 45 MB