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Wise Registry Cleaner 9.21 Build 593

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Wise Registry Cleaner is a PC freeware maintenance utility that will help its users in performing a thorough registry cleaning process to optimize their computer. This tool will fix any kind of problem that you could have in your Windows registry without having to perform it by yourself managing the regedit function. It is specially designed for those users that don’t want to complicate themselves too much with difficult system configurations, and want a safe way to improve computer performance.

This application demonstrates that being a free cleaner doesn’t imply it's bad software, it's quite the opposite. It is important to know that Wise Registry Cleaner is a good solution for any kind of computer, since its requirements are very low, and the included tools can be really helpful for those users want a good regcleaner.

This application demonstrates that being a free cleaner doesn’t imply it's bad software, it's quite the opposite

As a system cleaner, it also fixes those references to missing DLL files as well as removing junk archives that have accumulated on your Windows registry. Once it is installed, Wise Registry Cleaner keeps monitoring for any kind of change on your PC registry and checks all of them individually for keeping track of your system’s activity. The software completely analyses your registry entries and sorts the results in a list for you to check which parts are missing and which ones are right.

Check the state of your computer
Check the state of your computer

How to use and additional functions

Once you have installed the program and after the download, Wise Registry Cleaner requires performing an analysis of your system to detect the entries that need to be fixed. After that, the cleaning process is very fast, and you will notice the improvement of your system’s performance almost instantly, without getting into system’s regedit. In case you want to do it later, you can set the scheduler for doing this periodically at an assigned time.

Additionally, Wise Registry Cleaner can optimize your computer thanks to its Tuneup function. In order to do this, the application checks the main parts of your logical system and offers the user several ways for improving concrete parts of your computer such as stability, speedup or shutdown and bootup acceleration. Apart from that, the other main function the program provides is the registry defragging process. Thanks to this defragger you can optimize the registry status for offering a cleaner and smaller one, deleting redundancy and unnecessary elements.

When you computer’s performance has been completely improved, you can create a backup of the current state. This way you can recover this new configuration, which is good for avoiding possible future slowdowns by calling back a previous setting in a safe way. This function also works for the general system, creating restore points without the need of additional software to download for this utility.

Schedule a new system analysis
Schedule a new system analysis

Wise Registry Cleaner 9.21 Build 593 Features

Check the main features of this system utility:

  • A fast and, above all, safe way for optimizing your PC without having an advanced knowledge about computing or Windows regedit
  • Clean-up your registry in order to fix broken entries and delete those that are not needed anymore for your Windows version
  • System tune-up function that configures some of your computer’s processes in order to deactivate those that slow down your system performance
  • Defrag the OS’ registry for saving time and space, and enhancing overall functions
  • Create backups for your registry and restoration points for your system’s overall state without the download of additional programs

In case you want further information, feel free to check the developer’s site.

Optimize several aspects of your computer
Optimize several aspects of your computer

System Requirements

Check the necessary specifications for this program:

  • Operating System: Windows 2000 onwards
  • Processor: Pentium II 233 MHz or faster
  • Memory: 32 MB RAM
  • HDD: 6.4 MB free space on disk