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track and spy the mobile activities of someone that you suspect

By Pascal Martins

On Thursday, February 4, 2016

When mobile spy application was created it was being developed for spying all the cheaters especially the marriage partners that might be cheating.When you are suspecting that you are being cheated on no need to worry all you have to do is to just download mobile spy.Then you register as a user then you will be logging in from web broswers then you will see the the calls that they have made,bowsing history that is the websites that they viewed as well as their location in each and every moment.Even if your wife will delet the messages on her phone you will be able to see them on your mobile spy account because they will be directly uploaded to your account so you will be having first hand information.Besides that you can also track her sms and also her messages from facebook,twitter,whatsapp and other social media websites that you would want to be investigated.So its up to you no need to keep on worrying just download this and its very much worth it then know if she is cheating on you and chase her away from your life and move on.


  • it is able to track all the information you want from your partner
  • it has high quality graphics


  • you have to buy the software
Ease to access guides and manuals:




For what are you going to use the program?
  • security training in securing web applications and mobile devices within an organization so as to maintain integruity and privacy of sensitive data

  • personal purpose of assessment and monitoring of my droped cell phones as being used by my tender ones; secondly to keep records of my activities.

  • for monitoring my employes what they are doing at the office so they dont do wasted time and because they have access to company funding from other debitur

  • To track my girlfriend whether she is cheating or not as we have decided to get married and from past few months she is acting wierd my family worried

  • find my runaway 13 year old son he has been missing school for the past 2 months i want to know where he is and whos he talking to thats why i need this progeam

What similar programs have you used?
  • obile Spy is capable of tracking phone activities, call logs, text messages conversations, GPS location and Internet browsing history.SpyBubble is a well known and trusted spyware

  • I haven't used any similar software before now. so I do not really know what to expect but I am hopeful that this software will be very useful for my purpose

  • spyhuman and a lot of other andtoid applications on phone we all like alo to of android app in the google play store that is why i tried use this appplpication on the phone

  • I have to monitor my child's mobile for their future life. I belive this apps will help o protect my family in bad manners and wrong way in society

  • I have never used any of the similar programs since its the first time I was searching for such a progam, so I would be very glad if I can be able to download this one

What do you like most about this program?
  • everything about the application. i can check on every detail i want and know its very accurate as needed. keep a clean head and know all is

  • it dont require prior hacking knowledge. so im not professional hacker or something . i just want to see my girlfriend whatsapp . so mspy wow

  • get back my snapchat messages!! i snapchatted asap rocky and he opened but the message was already gone and i dont remember what i sent him!

  • to spy on the activities of children so easy to anticipate when something terjadi.Berharap this application helpful for me and my family if there is any good saya.Kegiatan would spoil everything.

  • sonething big and iam feel good with software ilove this sofware i dont what is write i comple my numbers of required no now its end over nii


Mobile Spy is a real-time tracking and monitoring app devoted to controlling someone else’s phone. It silently records the activities of its user, and later sends them to your https-SECURED account. You will be free to operate as you will rarely be discovered: this app will remain stealth and won’t show up in the running process list.

It silently records the activities of its user, and later sends them to your https-SECURED account

One of the most innovative features that makes Mobile Spy stand out from the rest of its category competitors is the optional add-on LIVE Panel. This module allows for the performing of remote control commands; obtaining mobile information; and even viewing its screen and location live. Of course, we urge you to use this utility for legitimate purposes, such as monitoring your children’s or employees’ mobile usage. A different usage might be a serious harm to the phone’s owner privacy.

What can I do with this utility?

After going through the download and setup process of Mobile Spy on the target phone, you should create an account. Thanks to the internet connection, logs, recorded activities and GPS locations will be silently uploaded to your Mobile Spy account. Simply log in from any computer or mobile web browser to view the results. This app displays and sorts logs by categories so they can be easily browsed. All the activities will include a date or time stamp and will have a number as keyword to be easier to search. Similarly, you will be able to export all those logs to CSV.

One of the greatest things about Mobile Spy is that it does not rely on the messages and calls’ database of the target phone to record activities. This means that even if the mobile owner deletes part or the entire usage history, data will still be caught and uploaded for you. This is an interesting feature to discover cheaters and those people with a secret life willing to hide their mobile usage.

Mobile Spy Full Version Features

The unique features of this utility are:

  • View photos, videos and complete SMS threads
  • Monitoring of social networks (Facebook and Twitter) and IM (WhatsApp and iMessage) messages
  • Ability to view contacts, emails, calendar events and memos
  • Ability to restrict or block access to certain software
  • LIVE Panel tool records surroundings and takes Instant Spy photos
  • Records websites visited and call details
  • GPS Tracking to get its whereabouts
  • Stealth running to cover tracks
  • Not reliance on the mobile’s internal logging system
  • New logs statistics on a daily or weekly basis (iOS only)
  • Ability to create alerts to get notified of certain calls, messages or events

If you want to read more information about Mobile Spy before you download it, feel free to visit the developer’s site.

System Requirements

The minimum system requirements to correctly download and install Mobile Spy on your mobile are listed below:

  • Android 2.0 Éclair or later
  • iOS 4.0 or later
  • Compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch