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a messaging system that you leave a voicemail to the receiver of a call

By Brian Mobimba

On Monday, February 8, 2016

this is a messaging system that is uses to send voice mails to the people whom you want to call.It is used in the alternative of an sms because it it very quick because all you have to is just to speak what you wanted to tell the receiver of the call and i love it very much because it saves on the time that could be used in writing a text,It is also very compatible with any mobile network you are using as long as you are in the united states of america,it also makes one avoid the hustle and buzzle of writing an sms and having to put all your brains in the writing of an sms and maybe you are in a very important meeting that you have to concetrate on.What i did not like about this messaging application software is the fact that it is only available in the us so if you are anywhere outside the us just forget about it.It has a simple to use interface all that you need is the ability to read and you are good to go.


  • you can give some detailed information with this messaging application
  • it is relatively easy to use


  • it is only available in the united states of america
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Slydial is a free mobile application developed by MobileSphere and designed for leaving a message by directly connecting with the voicemail of the receiver. Slydial is only available for US mobile lines, but the caller can make a call through any kind of phone and without geographic or mobile operator restrictions.

Slydial was created as an enterprise solution and an alternative to text messages, with the idea that talking is more personal, doesn’t have interruptions, you can include more detailed information, and it is easier and faster than writing a text. This download is also used to elude an uncomfortable situation, to avoid disasters such as a traffic accidents caused by typing a text, or even to make the most of naughty situations or for cheating.

Call and leave a voice message
Call and leave a voice message

How to use

The operative of Slydial is simple; dial 267-SLYDIAL from any phone (including landlines); dial the number of who you want, connect directly to the answering machine and leaving a voice message. Slydial offers two services’ gamma, one free and financed by advertising; one subscription-based named Myslydial Premium, which works without the interruption of advertising.

Is also used to elude an uncomfortable situation

To use the Slydial service you don’t need to sign up, but to use the app you need Myslydial Premium. Either way, this is a nice option if you have a meeting and you don’t want to disturb the other person - you can be polite confirming through a voice message. Others courteous uses are in cases such as if you forgot a friend’s birthday, to avoid bothering someone you know is busy or to say thanks for a gift to a very talkative family member.

Slydial 1.2 Features

These are some of the features of Slydial:

  • Slydial is a system exclusively dedicated to US mobile voicemail services. Slydial works with all the mobile operators in the US
  • There are some cases where Slydial cannot be used to leave a message such as prepaid mobile lines, if the user doesn’t have voicemail, if the voicemail is full, if the service of the answering machine is of a mediator enterprise, amongst others
  • It is available to let the caller call from any phone, including from a landline
  • In the US, Slydial doesn’t have geographical boundaries or limitations on mobile company. Whether you are outside the geographic area of your receiver or your mobile number is not of the same company to who you call, you will be able to send a voice message without restrictions
  • Myslydial Premium allows for creating contacts to dial by name and not by number. It also enables you to register two mobile numbers in the same account
  • To use the Slydial app, you must subscribe to the service. You can try Myslydial Premium during a month for free

To get more information about this application, check the official website .

Myslydial Premium access
Myslydial Premium access

System requirements

To install this download, the minimum system requirements are:

  • Operating System: Windows Mobile 5, BlackBerry 7520 Series, iOS 5.0, and Android 2.2 or later
  • HDD Space: 1 MB

  • This download offers a rest for tired typing fingers
  • It is a quick solution to send a voice message
  • Slydial covers the whole of the US
  • Sometimes it fails, and the receivers pick up the call