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Tiny Flashlight + LED 5.0

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Enable your android phone to have that extra feature by downloading this application

By Frank Kanyua

On Thursday, November 27, 2014

Now most android phones dont come with a flash light but they do come with a flash for the camera. This little tool acts as an on button to turn on that flash led. The light generated is strong enough to let you see in the dark. So instead of keeping your phones screen turned on through out just use the app.

The app can also be tweaked to display multiple colour and even mimic the lights produced bu police cars. It is supported by all android phones as long as they have the flash led. If you are lost in the dark or a power failure has left you in the dark you can use this app to light up the room. You can also use the app to keep the phones screen always on if you dont have the camera flash led.. When you choose to keep the screen on the app will turn your screen bright white and no icon will be displayed, unless you click on the back button.

The app also doesnt use much power since it is only active when you are using it and when you turn it off it plays dormant. Once in a while it will recommend you install an anti virus but if already have an anti virus it wont ask you anything.


This app is the best tool to use if you dont want to buy a flash light or if you want keep a flash light with you always. The worst i was told was that my (torch had a phone) hehe but all and all i still have the app installed incase of a rainy day.


  • the app is free .
  • very easy to use .


  • it does what it is meant no cons there
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How many times have you tried to look for something under the table or that's stuck in between stairs in a dark corridor? You tried to use your phone but its light is never bright enough… till now! Tiny Flashlight is the ultimate app to convert your smartphone or tablet into a very useful lantern to complete the device utility.

For this new version, the app has been updated with new options to use on special occasions. Transform your smart device into a light bulb, with different intensity and colors; create lighting signals with useful warning lights and customize every option with no effort. Tiny Flashlight + LED is a totally recommended freeware application, necessary for every phone and tablet.

Different lights for different purposes
Different lights for different purposes

How To Use

No tricks, no surprises; Tiny Flashlight + LED is exactly what you are expecting from it: a lantern. Even though it is a special one because it adds the possibility of using the whole LED screen as flashlight and not also the camera flash torch. This possibility allows you to use your device in multiple new ways.

Tiny Flashlight + LED is a totally recommended freeware application, necessary on every phone and tablet

There are multiple flashlights apps on the Android Store that work fine. This is why Tiny Flashlight + LED has been implemented to offer new light uses. Using the LED screen as a lantern gives a whole new world of possibilities and lights. Now, we can turn our screen into an ambient light, with different colors and even stroboscopic lights that can be used for transmitting Morse code messages.

Tiny Flashlight + LED has different options to create warning lights. Traffic lights, police lights, light bulb effect… so different styles and uses for the day-to-day. How many times have you need a stroboscopic pink light and you didn’t have one? Problem solved! Tiny Flashlight + LED manages your battery very efficiently, so it can be used as many times as you want for as many things as you need.

Tiny Flashlight + LED 5.0 Features

Check the latest features for Tiny Flashlight + LED

  • Torch and LED light option
  • Morse light code functionality
  • Highly optimized to save energy
  • Different lights for different purposes
  • Strobe light
  • Totally customizable
  • Localized to 43 different languages
  • Good option for tablets

For more information about Tiny Flashlight + LED, before downloading, feel free to check .

Highly optimized to save energy
Highly optimized to save energy

System Requirements

Before downloading Tiny Flashlight + LED, please check if your device supports the minimum system requirements:

  • Operating System: all possible Android displays
  • Hard Drive: under 1 MB
  • Graphic display: from 240x240 to 1080p

  • Two different light options
  • Compatible with multiple models
  • Variety of widgets
  • Totally free
  • Often uploads
  • It’s a flashlight… nothing else